Destiny – King of the possessed: Strange farms coins – so goes fastest

There is again a shortage of Strange coins on your account? Especially in Destiny: King of the possessed the coins are more valuable than ever as you may be able to trade with dealers Xur against three of the coins with which you have a better chance of exotic loot. In our guide, we show you the best ways to farm Strange coins.

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strange coins are a useful object in Destiny has always been. Especially if you want exotic engrams farms with three coins, you need the coins to exchange them at the dealer Xur in the tower against three of the coins. In the following we give you tips and tricks on how you farms strange coins quickly can.

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Destiny &# 8211; King of the possessed: Strange farms coins quickly - raids

Regardless of whether PvE or PvP raids, with the Bounties ensures a constant ye Strange supply of coins. In PvP, you have also at the end of each round a chance to dust off 1-3 Strange coins. Since you graduated anyway PvP raids in the melting pot, this is a nice bonus.

Vicious touch - so you get the best weapon of the add-ons

If you forays abgebt, you get also guarantees a random amount of coins and engrams also enter the while extracting again a chance of strange coins. In addition, it enhances the reputation among retailers and your respective fraction you give an item package for rank advancement by itself Strange coins guaranteed 5 are located.

Runs many bounties for Strange coins.Runs many bounties for Strange coins.

Strikes and Dawn Strikes

Strikes also give you at the conclusion of rare, legendary, or even exotic engrams her at Kryptarchen can unpack in the tower. Here you have every time the chance of strange coins while increasing your reputation with the Lord in the cowl. In rank advancement you receive here also Legendary Item Package with guaranteed 5 strange coins.

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in the weekly Twilight Strike you have also the chance to whole 10 Odd coins at closing.

Treasury in prison for the elderly

Do you really want quickly get at Strange coins, we recommend a visit of Strikes The prison of the Old on the reef. You need for any players thanks to matchmaking and you can choose the easiest difficulty. There is a Treasury with two small and a large chest. you get per box here also 2-3 Odd Coins.

Plunders the treasury coin supplies.Plunders the treasury coin supplies.

Patrol on the grave ship

The new field grave ship Destiny: King of the possessed makes excellent as well as the source of strange coins. There is distributed across the map unclosed cases, at the opening sometimes 5 Strange coins have in store for you. In addition, you can easily also Hadiumflocken farms in this way that you need to get a sword.

destiny-king-of-owned key chests-LocationsWith any luck, you'll get 5 coins per Strange chest.

Keys and chests - all the localities on the grave ship at a glance (with video)

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