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With the free download onlineTV ye receive various TV and radio stations.

Of the onlineTV download is an extremely versatile tool that can be thousands of call television and radio stations via Internet streaming. The tool also allows you to stream music videos and webcams.

onlineTV Download: receive media content

The download of onlineTV also has a built-in recorder with which streamed media content also record and store on the hard drive and can be transferred to mobile devices. Pieces of music are here added, for example based on the title information that is broadcast by the providers, and may optionally be stored as MP3, OGG or WAV. Of course, in this case, if possible, stored in the actual title of the song, ID3 tags of course included!


Other options with onlineTV

You recorded music files, as we go from here? The onlineTV Download will not leave you here in the lurch and provides equal the appropriate tools with. All recorded files can in fact comfortably manage the integrated music management. Here you have the opportunity to copy the files to your USB flash drive, iPod or even on the Playstation Portable (PSP). Edited the recorded files with the audio editor and remove failed transitions, breaks inserts and much more.

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You want to make a music CD? No problem with the CD burning module. You want one song into another format, for example, MP3 to OGG? No problem with the integrated audio converter.

Your use a volume-limited access to the Internet? Not a problem, the traffic control function of onlineTV meticulously monitors all traffic that is generated by the program. So you are protected against bad surprises and expensive payments.

  • More than 1,000 radio and TV stations available
  • Clear music and video archive
  • Audio Converter and burning module available
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