Risen 3: Titanium Lord

The German development studio Piranha Bytes published the third part of the Risen series. Risen 3: Titan Lords will provide some new features, but also reminiscent of its predecessors.

25504Risen 3 - Titan Lords - CG Trailer

Risen 3: Titan Lords Features

- Combat system with various actions: block, sword attacks, lightning attack, voodoo magic, fireball

- Areas divided into areas cut

- Mainly Central European environments, as well as tropical and Mediterranean areas

- New enemies called Shadow (undead)

- Group members to assist in the fight

- Possible to join in guilds

- DLCs ​​planned

Risen 3: Titan Lords Demo

So far there is no demo for Risen third

Risen 3: Titan Lords Release

Risen 3: Titan Lords will be published in August 2014 for PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation third

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  • Risen 3: Titanium Lord Risen 3 - Titan Lords - CG Trailer


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