Payday 3: The Horror clowns planning the next robbery

About a year ago Starbreeze has announced plans to work on the attack simulation Payday third Meanwhile, the game is officially in development, even if you you have to obviously wait a bit until the publication.

1961PAYDAY 2 launch trailer - GIGA

Even before the E3 last year Publisher Starbreeze has announced plans to operate on the repurchase of the rights of 505 games to Payday third It is one of three ongoing project developed by the Swedish studio Overkill Software Starbreeze - alongside Overkill&# 8217; s The Walking Dead and Storm. In the game you plan a robbery and then have to flee from the law enforcement officers. Therefore, the shooter also includes some stealth elements. Payday 3 to PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC appear. An appointment there is not yet, however.

As reports, the game is now officially in production and is in the "comprehensive design phase." Payday 3 is to "get as much time," according to CEO Bo Andersson Klint as the team deems necessary. It will only be published if it is really finished, because there is now the "most important for the publisher brand and pillars&# 8221; is. According Payday should be treated. 3

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So you probably have not expected that Payday a successor will get this year yet. For this, however Payday should continue to be supplied 2 this year with content. Are you looking forward forward to the next round with the horror clowns? Do you play still Payday 2 or you've already played the shooter?


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