AVI files together with freeware tools

If you have several small AVI videos that actually belong to each other, so you can combine these AVI files. There are several methods. Here are some of the easiest ways.

AVI files together with freeware tools

to merge video files to each other so that a continuous film emerges is theoretically quite simple. If those conditions are satisfied and you have the right program. For instance, it is not complicated if you want to join multiple AVI files that have the same resolution and frame rate. There are also programs such as the Free Video Joiner that can put together videos of different formats and try it to adapt to each other.

join AVI files &# 8211; requirements

For videos that were created with a video camera, the videos are usually in the landscape format and the same resolution. This is a key requirement if you want to join AVI files. Because especially mobile videos can make big problems here. Time in landscape mode and then turned again in portrait orientation, these videos can not be joined properly. You have to imagine like trying to engineer a long roll of photographs by each tape them all. Then, as portrait and landscape orientations alternate, it looks strange. For videos is even more problematic.

join AVI files with different resolutions: Since an edge remains!join AVI files with different resolutions: Since an edge remains!

To get the best results, you should consider the orientation and image size when joining AVI files or other videos. Otherwise you will always have the problem that videos deformed, cut or provided with very wide margins. The aforementioned program Free Video Joiner for example, can put together several videos in different resolutions and orientation and in different formats. However, the program must be oriented so at some level. And there then selects resolution and orientation of the first video in the series.

The problem is obvious: Is the first video in landscape mode, the entire result in landscape mode and this output resolution is stored. If one of the next video is hochformatig, it is adjusted by the amount so that it fits into the format. a broad framework is inserted to the right and left of the video. Even stranger does this format change, when the first video in portrait was ...

AVI files together: Jumping formats

Another way is that Any Video Converter Free program. It is, as the name suggests, originally designed as a conversion program. You can use it to convert videos of all possible formats to other formats. However, there are also a small additional function that allows us to stick together videos. So that we can join AVI files.

join AVI files without border: Any Video Converterjoin AVI files without border: Any Video Converter

The interesting thing with this method is the same but also a confusing effect. As the role of different sized images in portrait and landscape format, AVI videos are just stuck together here. There is no adjustment for the size and format. The result is a video with good quality, without edges, but it does this constantly jumps in size and orientation. In extreme cases, so you have a short start-up sequence on a large landscape, then jumps to a small portrait, changes to a square Video and jumps back to landscape. If you want to avoid this effect, we can choose a fixed size in the settings. To which all source video to be adjusted and you can join AVI files of all sizes to make a video with a fixed output size.


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