iPhone no longer goes to: boot loop, display black – Solutions

Your iPhone no longer comes on and the screen remains black or the device depends on a boot loop tight &# 8211; for many owners of Apple smartphones an absolute disaster scenario, especially since you often do not even know exactly what the causes are. Solutions be found at this point: We tell you what you can do when the iPhone is no longer goes on and show how rouses her phone again.

iPhone displays

You have an iPhone, which so far always worked fine, but suddenly your Apple smartphone is no longer on. There could be quite different reasons. Maybe your device is dropped on the ground, come into contact with liquid or victim of a hardware failure. We show you how to fix these problems and saves your iPhone with the following first aid measures if it no longer concerns.

Table of Contents:

  • iPhone no longer goes to: Causes
  • perform reset iPhone
  • iPhone: Display black &# 8211; Battery empty?
  • iPhone gets: So you escaped the boot loop
  • iPhone stops working after jailbreak
  • iPhone has a permanent defect

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iPhone no longer goes to depends, showing only Apple logo &# 8211; causes

The symptom is expressed generally as follows: Suddenly, the iPhone and do not want to come back on. Instead, just the Apple logo appears at regular intervals of a few seconds on the screen. The problem is the whole, because it is not one but are several potential causes. So initially you have to limit the error and check which may be of the following reasons responsible for the problem:

  • The battery of the iPhone is completely empty and discharged.
  • Your iPhone has locked up and stuck in a boot loop.
  • You have performed a jailbreak and something went wrong.
  • The iPhone has a permanent defect.

We show you in the following sections a solution for each of these cases. Does the checklist at the best step by step or jump directly to the appropriate section if you are sure you know the cause. Lest us also also what you can do when the touch screen is not responding.

iPhone does not goIf the iPhone is no longer concerned, you should first perform a simple reset.

perform reset iPhone &# 8211; so is&# 8217; s

In many cases, it can help just when you perform a reset of your iPhones with problems. If the iPhone has only suspended, it may work directly thereafter.

  1. Pushes for resetting the Power button and the home button simultaneously.
  2. Hold down for about 10 seconds the two buttons.
  3. Wait until the screen is white and the Apple logo appears.

The restart process may possibly take a little longer after the reset. Here, because the iPhone is not completely on the delivery status, no data will be lost. If you only you had a temporary problem on the iPhone, it should now work again &# 8211; if not, you follow the next steps in our guide.


iPhone: Display black &# 8211; Battery empty?

This source of error occurs relatively frequently, but fortunately relatively easy to fix. Checked whether the battery of your iPhone empty and the device is discharged.

  1. therefore connects your phone to the mains and wait some time.
  2. Then you start the device in recovery mode.
  3. then presses for 10 seconds, the on / off switch and then again for 10 seconds the home button.
  4. then connects the iPhone with iTunes on the computer and wait until your phone restored.

When a deeply discharged battery was responsible, the iPhone then works again as usual. More advice about can be found here: deeply discharged iPhone? What to do if the device does not start? Does not help that, it goes on to the next section.

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iPhone gets: So you escaped the boot loop

If a connection to iTunes and several hours of charging has created not help, it may be that your iPhone is stuck in a boot loop or a bootloop and constantly hangs at startup. but you can also resolve this issue &# 8211; What might help is this:

  • Meanwhile, this notice will probably come too late - nevertheless: Hopefully you have at hand a fresh backup, either manage iCloud or iTunes&# 8221; href =&# 8221; http: //www.giga.de/downloads/itunes/tipps/das-iphone-backup-in-itunes-verwalten/&# 8221; target =&# 8221; _ blank&# 8221;>iTunes. If not, learn from the mistakes and create backups regularly!
  • Here we show how this works: Create and iTunes manually archive&# 8221; href =&# 8221; http: //www.giga.de/smartphones/iphone-5c/tipps/iphone-backup-in-icloud-und-itunes-manuell-erstellen-und-archivieren/&# 8221; target =&# 8221; _ blank&# 8221;>manually create iPhone backup to iCloud and iTunes and archive.
  • Connects first your iPhone with iTunes. It does not appear in the sidebar, this is normal.
  • Turns out the iPhone by their presses the home button and the start button simultaneously until the screen is black.
  • Now you let both buttons momentarily release and presses it together again. After 10 seconds, you let go of the start button and hold the home button pressed until iTunes recognizes the iPhone and displays a warning message.

iPhone no longer goes to: boot loop, display black - Solutions

Now you can restore and then import a backup with your data, the iPhone. If you get an error message from iTunes on the first attempt, it tries quiet again and checked also this Guide: iPhone screen black? Remedies and solutions.

If unchanged even after several repetitions and your iPhone no longer goes to, bring it to an Apple store or authorized service partner. There, the unit will be exchanged easily in the normal case, if it is still within the warranty period.

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iPhone stops working after jailbreak

If you have your trying to unlock on your iPhone by Jailbreak certain functions, this will invalidate not only the manufacturer's warranty. A jailbreak carries beyond the risk that the iPhone is no longer properly or has stopped working &# 8211; especially if the power supply is disconnected during the jailbreak. In addition, now also many fake jailbreaks in the network are circulating that contaminate the smartphone with viruses and malware.

If the iPhone after the jailbreak fail to function properly, there is unfortunately not very many options. The manufacturer's warranty for exchange can no longer use their &# 8211; tried to reset the iPhone and restore the factory settings in each case. If this does not work, unfortunately, only the purchase of a new device helps. If you really want to make a jailbreak, you should definitely create a backup, but generally we recommend to take from a distance Jailbreak: The jailbreak is dead and that's good [Comment].

Jailbreak iPhoneJailbreaks have many hidden dangers for the iPhone &# 8211; you should therefore make always aware of what all this can go wrong.

If all else fails: iPhone reset and restore factory settings &# 8211; Instructions in the video

132826Reset iPhone: Restoring the factory settings

iPhone has a permanent defect

If your iPhone for all that still does not address, for example, because it has fallen from a high altitude to the ground, you have to assume that a permanent defect on the device, which you can not fix easily that way. In this case, you should try the device from a dealer to exchange or to repair.

  • Tested first date of purchase and look if there is already more than twelve months since the purchase have passed. Reason: Apple provides by default only limited to twelve months warranty period.
  • Read here how you can check online with serial number, the Apple warranty.
  • If the warranty is still valid, you sit best with Apple connected and made an appointment at an Apple Store near you.
  • Alternatively, you can also contact the Apple hotline and describe your problem there
  • Otherwise, you still remains the guarantee right against the dealer &# 8211; This applies for a period of 24 months.
  • More information about this can be found here: Warranty and Warranty &# 8211; What's what? answers the 10 most important questions.

Read also with us, as you can activate an iPhone without a SIM.

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