Snapchat Viewer: see pictures and stories of others – is that possible?

Snapchat was allowed to settle in recent months by a number of features of WhatsApp, Facebook and co. you can send photos and videos with many effects and filters on the App. Some websites and tools promise you going to get about an alleged "Snapchat Viewer" access to hidden and private photos of Snapchat users.

Simply the corresponding Snapchat name in the field and you get over the "Snapchat Viewer" access to private content. Simple, is not it?

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Snapchat Viewer promises hidden content

Of course, that does not work as fast and easy. On the web there are countless such "Snapchat Spy" programs found. As a rule, however, is this to be fraudulent offers, let the curious users fall even in expensive cost traps.

  • A "Snapchat Spy" promises to be able to download all the videos and pictures from a desired user.
  • All that is required for the input of the corresponding account name. get to look at the possibility of "nude pictures" is mentioned in several places.
  • Quite often complex decryption processes are represented by complex animations alleged. In this way one wants to give the impression to the user that the viewer collects the desired images. In reality, however, is clumsy graphics without statement.
Snapchat unlockerIn the foreground, complex work processes in the browser are displayed, but nothing happens in the background
  • Before access to the alleged picture collection is granted, the user is encouraged to perceive an "offer". This may be a download of a supposedly free app or registering for a browser game.
  • Here the subscription trap snaps shut. The user should enter his mobile number to start the supposed app download for the release of Snapchat viewer data. In the small print, the note for the conclusion of a paid subscription found here. Alternatively, you will be redirected to the supposed sweepstakes in which data collector standing in the background.
  • Access to the images you do not exist meanwhile.
subscription trapRecognize her? In gray letters on a black background is drawn on accumulating cost of serviceStart Photogallery(8 pictures)7 hidden Snapchat tricks that should necessarily know their

Snapchat Spies are dangerous, the use of illegal!

Other Snapchat spy programs require that notice with our own Snapchat credentials. Here you are his login into the hands of fraudsters who can plunder so your Snapchat gallery. In October 2014, was a huge Snapchat Hack, were provided in which thousands of such stolen images for download.

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In addition, one should keep in mind that snooping of private Snapchat images is illegal. After §202a Criminal Code can threaten "up to three years imprisonment" or a fine, you should obtain unauthorized access to data that is determined someone else. Of course, the attempted use of a Snapchat Picture Viewer is also a violation of the terms and conditions of the online service.

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