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order on Amazon UK &# 8211; after the United Kingdom and Gibraltar European Union membership referendum, and the crash of the British pound for German customers an increasingly attractive option. The question remains: How does it work? What are the shipping and how long is the delivery time when you order products from Amazon UK? In our guide you can find the answers to these questions seen &# 8211; we tell you step by step how the online order works for the British Amazon version.


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The United Kingdom and Gibraltar European Union membership referendum is here &# 8211; and with it a rapid fall of the British pound. For citizens of the UK, these are not too rosy outlook, due to the good euro-pound exchange rate Amazon UK for German customers currently but the more interesting. The good news: The Order at Amazon UK is also possible with a German Amazon account &# 8211; So you need a new account, in contrast to eBay Uk. The less good news: You need to order mandatory credit card &# 8211; Also you have to expect a few days with delivery times.

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However, an order at Amazon UK may be worth: There are always Bluray discs *Order from Amazon UK - shipping, delivery time, all information, Books or DVDs that are not available on the German Amazon site, but Amazon UK. Especially with movies it pays to shop generally at Amazon UK, as they are often a good deal cheaper than in Germany.

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Amazon UK: shipping costs and delivery times from the UK

Orders from the UK usually take a long time &# 8211; Delivery times of 14 days or more are not uncommon, for mailed goods from England. Amazon UK it is instead quite fast until you get your articles: Usually you can with Delivery times three working days rake until receipt of the goods. Say. You order your Blu-Ray from UK on Monday and have the disc normally on Friday.

The shipping costs for items from Amazon UK differ and depend on the type of article:

  • Deadpool Amazon UKDVDs, Blurays and games cost 3.80, - EUR per delivery
  • The shipping costs for all other items amounted 5,50, - Euro per delivery.
  • Do you want to shorten delivery times from the UK and received items within a day, will cost you this flat rate 11, - € plus 3, - Euros per kg sent article.

A detailed overview can be found on the Amazon help page for international delivery *Order from Amazon UK - shipping, delivery time, all information. We show you also how you can save shipping costs on Amazon.

Amazon UKAmazon UK you can find items again and again, which is not available in Germany. The delivery times fall with about 3 business days also very customer friendly out.

Amazon UK: Payment with pounds and euros - differences at a glance

The Order at Amazon UK works similarly in Germany &# 8211; However, there are some differences when making payments. Result: you can for online delivery from England to Germany not just your present payment option to continue using. The differences in the detailed overview:

  • Amazon UK you can n from Germanymaybe by direct debit pay (automatic debiting of your account).
  • Furthermore, you can at Amazon UK not pay by PayPal, if their products such as CDs, Blu-Ray or Games want to order from UK.
  • Therefore, customers who order from Germany in Amazon UK have, in any case, Credit card use.
  • If you paid by credit card may &# 8211; depending on the provider &# 8211; happen that the provider is a one &# 8211; two-percent fee for completed transactions required.
  • The actual total price of the order can therefore be even slightly higher.

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order on Amazon UK &# 8211; so goes&# 8217; s

The appointment of Artikleln Amazon UK is relatively simple &# 8211; who ordered already in Amazon Germany, will find their way in a very short time, with the English version. so goes&# 8217; s:

  1. Launches the www.amazon.co.uk/*Order from Amazon UK - shipping, delivery time, all information and log you a with your login information by clicking on the top bar in Your Account on the yellow button Sign In.
  2. Give here your German login information (email address and password).
  3. Your data (address, name, etc.) are automatically transferred.
  4. Then it searches for an article and submit it to the cart by clicking on Add to Basket.
  5. When you're done with your shopping, you click on procced to Checkout.

In the next step you can the delivery address and payment method enter and complete their purchases thereafter by paying her your purchased item (see the above limitations).

Amazon UK PayCustomers from Germany can only pay by credit card on Amazon UK.

You've ordered something and have it over you different? Read also with us, as you can cancel an Amazon order or change.

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Article of 11 November 2015 last updated on 6/27. 2016

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