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Angry Birds 2 is finally here and the last pig-hour has struck. Rovio Entertainment has left his fans the fun as a freemium model, which has not made exclusively for enthusiasm. But there is to do nothing: The obese green pigs have to get away! 

4271Angry Birds 2: Bigger, badder, birdier! Official Launch Trailer - Live Action

At Mattel rely! Angry Birds as a board game - Bird slingshot and pigs included!*

Those who do not will do the pigs must wait &# 8211; Free to Play for the poor

it's all that bad not at all: Many users say at least that they would appreciate the forced break quite &# 8211; so one could not catch at stake. For swine destruction junkies Rovio has therefore done a beautiful thing.

The self-directed others who would like to have spent their half-hour break with Angry Birds 2 and unfortunately too fast, too often flew next to it, rather look at a little impaired &# 8211; unless they are willing to invest money. Or - and this is probably the ideal way to bridge waiting times and the first tip:

  • You let informative Game-app promotional videos in large numbers wash over you. If you've run out of diamonds, you have to just watch spots, each 30 seconds. That works for additional birds within a level, as for extra lives, of which you always have only five.

Angry Birds get yourself live more

  • Within the levels you can get only one free bonus bird ever. What that will be, you can not choose unfortunately.
  • For the food but you can get long to make ends meet with videos &# 8211; until you get back what has &# 8211; without even spending a diamond.
  • But your supply of diamonds can increase their with the steady consumption of promotional videos. Simply to bag the daily gift immediately but to endure a small clip, brings you fortune-technically very far forward.

Everyday gift zoom with video Angry Birds 2

  • Apart from the daily gift you better not miss, wait &# 8211; as is common in free-to-play games &# 8211; some tasks waiting to be done for a reward. to kill a certain number of pigs, should anyway be in your interest, and if it is not paid, the better. Also a certain number star to collect is not really a problem. but if you want to connect their player profile with Facebook for a couple of diamonds is a matter of taste &# 8211; everyone must decide for themselves.

Rewards for completed tasks in Angry Birds 2

  • The Facebook networking is obviously Rovio at heart. So, if you have it fun and friends who share your passion, you just need only one of the daily deals to come in and then you can also benefit monetarily: cash rewards and distribute gifts or get.

Facebook Angry Birds 2 connection gifts

Tips & Solutions for Angry Birds 2

  • The levels do not always stay the same. The resulting solution videos somewhat absurd. Unfortunately, the pigs build their witty bastions always different on almost each time at which the level was not made. But there is a daring and entertaining video walkthrough at to level the 170th
  • The bird selection is crucial &# 8211; one of the good new features is in fact the ability to select the birds from a card deck. Knowing the special talents of chubby spring cattle, is a real strategic advantage.

Well done graduation picture of levels

  • Also new are the magic, achieve their use in almost all cases is fully effective &# 8211; the first two times she gets her free, then their use will cost money. If you are stuck entirely, the diamonds are almost always a good investment at this point.

Select spell in Angry Birds 2

  • The daily competition in the arena is a very entertaining novelty. The activation takes place in Level 25. In the arena you play in an endless level as long as the angry birds rich ..
Arena released Angry Birds 2Joining the arena? Being there definitely makes fun!
  • A game day is free, after that you can pay, or: Watch a video &# 8211; I agree. The challenges of the Arena are exciting and how the whole game graphically remarkably beautiful. know the more effective use of their your birds, the longer you keep with you and secures promotion to the respective leagues.

Daily tournament play in the arena Angry Birds 2

About Cheats for Angry Birds 2

Since the company has decided to make the Free2Play concept and the associated in-app purchases sales, no cheats for rapid generation diamonds are provided on the part of Rovio, nor desired. As well as the jewels of Clash of Clans you have to carry out the tasks and gifts, where they are offered to you or reach into his pocket. Links that you find on YouTube or articles like this in the comments lead you not to free diamonds, but malicious software, spam and dubious subscription traps.

When does Angry Birds 2 for Windows Phone and PC?

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