Hungry Shark World: Tips, Tricks & amp; Cheats for Android and iOS

Hungry Shark World is the sixth part of the Hungry Shark series of Ubisoft Studios Future Games of London. Hungry Shark World relies on the strengths of its predecessor, the game principle and of course the underwater action looks again from far prettier than in 2012 published predecessor Hungry Shark Evolution. In this guide we want new players to enter into the crazy shark adventure Hungry Shark World with some tips & facilitate tricks.

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Hungry Shark World: Tips & tricks &# 8211; The gameplay

The basic principle of Hungry Shark World is again to be in the pool for the most fish. This creates it by destroyed their smaller fish and other creatures. However, caution should be exercised here: Just because something is smaller than your Hai, it is not automatically eat safely!

Hungry Shark WorldEspecially at the beginning have to dodge possible in order not to be self-processed into fish feed their larger sharks. And smaller sea creatures can hurt you. So you should order lionfish, large crabs and jellyfish make a bow. Puffer fish can you eat only when they are not bloated. For too long without food, you should not stay because her otherwise starve.

The object of the game is the &Haiscore; # 8220&# 8221; to achieve by you survive as long as possible and extended to you by eating. With your Anfangshai ought ye so best not too make friends. If you want to quickly crack the high score of your friends, you should take a focus on first unlock the larger sharks.

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Hungry Shark World: unlock all sharks

In Hungry Shark World sharks are divided into different size classes from XS to XXL. In total, there are 17 species of shark in the seven different sizes. With the largest XXL sharks can of course easily achieve a high highscore, as with the small initial sharks. To unlock the sharks need, do their tasks. In the menu you (bottom center) look always visible, how many tasks have to do it yet until you unlock the next shark.

You can add value to your coins sharks in the categories bite, pace and thrust. but if you want to swim as fast as possible with an XXL-Hai by the three waters of the game, you should save you the Gold prefer.

These sharks are in Hungry Shark World and they cost:

Blacktip Reef (free)Whitetip Reef (3000)Sand Sharks (12000)Bull SharkMegamouth (75,000)Basking Shark (120,000)Megalodon (300,000)
Porbeagle (3.500)ThresherMako (40,000)Great HammerheadWhale Shark (140,000)
Blue Shark (4000)Smooth HammerheadGoblin Shark (32000)Tiger SharkGreat White (150000)

Hungry Shark World All sharks

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Hungry Shark World: find HUNGRY letters

Hungry Shark World Title imagery mapto achieve an important part to the high score, the collect the letters that are distributed transversely on the three cards. Even if you your coins should rather save for the sharks of different size stages, the investment is well worth it in the cards of the three worlds.

you get on the map that is displayed, where the next letter of the word HUNGRY is in the world. If you have collected all the letters, you become a mega-Hai, a state of you can still be strong and above all be bigger than the gold rush. As a mega-Hai you come so easily nothing in the way.

Note: The card gets you up in the pause menu. just type this in the top right corner and go to the tab &# 8220; Map&# 8221 ;.

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Hungry Shark World Hacks & Cheats

Since the title of Ubisoft supports in-app purchases, but there are currently no cheats. Some questionable sites on the net but Hungy Sharkworld cheat tools and hacks are offered again and again. Of these, however, we can only advise, because often behind the download offers are just scams that infect either your phone with malware or steal want your data. So if you do not Hungry Shark World Hacks found on trusted sites, you'd better stay away from dubious offers.

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