Dark Souls 3: Convert Boss souls in equipment

To particularly good equipment in Dark Souls to get 3, you can be converted to 20 Boss souls. Of course you but do not get in each soul the same and also you have to decide you between two items. In this guide you will find a useful table for Dark Souls 3, which shows you what you can receive for the various boss souls.

The soul conversion is a special method in Dark Souls 3 to obtain special weapons and other items. Do you have a Boss defeated, get her his soul. Give her this now on, you can usually choose between two items. In our Guide learn her what you get after each boss soul that you get in Dark Souls. 3

So could you look as a dragon (and ye shall one and spits fire):

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Dark Souls 3: How does the soul transformation?

Have you diligently collected boss souls Dark Souls 3, you can convert it now. But where? To answer this question, you have a conversion furnace have. This will get you, after you have the boss fight Fluchverderbtes Großholz survived alive. After that you surrender to this furnace Ludleth, which is located in your fire band Shrine.

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Ludleth can now convert Boss Soul and you produce rings, weapons and other items. but as of now you also be spoiled for choice. You can either convert the soul of the boss in an item or souls. In the next section we show you how many souls will receive it if you want to exchange them.

The Boss Soul can transform you Ludleth into useful equipment.The Boss Soul can transform you Ludleth into useful equipment.

Boss Soul conversion at a glance

Rosaria is a special feature. This NPC will not have to kill her to get the soul. More on this topic can be found in the following Guide: Leonard &# 8211; Quest Walk Through the ring finger. However, what happens if you find other NPCs you killed, you read elsewhere. In the following table you see what you get when you want to convert the boss souls:

Boss SoullocalityUmwandlungitem 1Umwandlungsitem 2souls
Soul of RosariaIn her bedroomGracious sunlight: TP is slow restores (FP: 70, Faith: 25)-5000
Soul of Vordt from NordwindtalHigh wall of Lothric: defeated Vordt from NordwindtalVordts Greathammer: Phys. Attack: 176, cold: 50, scale thickness: C (conditions: 30), weight: 17The High Priest Left Eye (ring): in combo hits TP slowly (weight: 0.9)2000
Soul of Fluchverderbten large timberUndead settlement: defeated Fluchverderbtes GroßholzMirrah Greatsword: Phys. Attack: 130, scale thickness: D (condition: 14), scaling Dexterity: D (condition: 18), weight: 8.5Alastars Speer: Phys. Attack: 118, poison: 33, scale thickness: D (condition: 11), scaling Dexterity: C (conditions: 19), weight: 6.53000
Soul of a crystal modesPath of sacrifices: defeated Crystal WeiserRapier Crystal ways: Phys. Attack: 55, magic damage: 82, scale thickness: E (prerequisite: 13), scaling Dexterity: E (prerequisite: 18), scaling intelligence: C, weight: 2.5Crystal hail (magic): leaving a shower of crystals fall down (FP Cost: 25 Intelligence: 18)3000
Soul of the deacons of the abyssCathedral of the abyss: defeated deacons of the abyssDeep soul (magic): fires dark soul sediment (FP: 7, intelligence: 12)Candlestick cleric: Phys. Attack: 70, magic damage: 77, magic Gain: 60, scale thickness: D (requirement: 8), scaling Dexterity: D (condition: 12), scaling intelligence: C, condition belief: 12, weight: 220,000
Soul of the Overlord WolnirCatacombs Carthus: defeated Overlord WolnirBlack Snake (Pyromancy): let flames dance on the floor (FP: 19 Intelligence: 15 Faith: 15)Holy Sword of Overlord Wolnir: Phys. Attack: 137, scale thickness: D (condition: 13), scaling Dexterity: D (condition: 13), a prerequisite belief: 13, weight: 7.510,000
Soul of High Priest SulyvahnIrithyll of Nordwindtals: defeated High Priest SulyvahnGreat Sword of the judgment: Phys. Attack: 101, scale thickness: D (condition: 17), scaling Dexterity: D (condition: 15), scaling intelligence: C (conditions: 12), Weight: 9Godless Great Sword: Phys. Attack: 161, scaling Strength: C (conditions: 22), scaling Dexterity: D (condition: 10), weight: 13.512,000
Soul of the dancerCastle Lothric: defeated dancer of NordwindtalsDouble Magic Sword Dancer: Phys. Attack: 79 Magic Damage: 62 Fire damage: 62, scaling Strength: D (Requires 22), scaling skill: D (Requires 20), scaling Intelligence: D (Requires 9), scaling faith: D (requirement: 9 ) weight: 8.5Soothing sunlight (miracles): heals you with many TP (FP: 80, Faith: 45)10,000
Soul of the Dragonslayer ArmorHuge archive: defeated Dragonslayer ArmorDragon Keeper Great Ax: Phys. Attack: 203, lightning damage: 74, scale thickness: D (condition: 40), scaling Dexterity: E, weight: 20Dragonslayer Big Shield: Phys. Damage: 134, Defense physically: 100, magic: 71, fire: 70, Flash: 95, Dark: 77 Stability: 74, scale thickness: D (condition: 38), weight: 2615,000
Soul of a demonCatacombs Carthus: defeated the DemonGreat Ax of the demon: Phys. Attack: 157, fire damage: 88, scale thickness: C (conditions: 28), scaling Dexterity: E, scaling intelligence: D (condition: 12), scaling belief: D (condition: 12), weight: 14.5Demon Knuckles: Phys. Attack: 93, fire damage: 77, scale thickness: D (condition: 20), scaling Skill Requirement: 8 scaling intelligence: E (prerequisite: 9), scaling belief: E (prerequisite: 9) Weight: 820,000
Soul of a lost demonFarron-festivals: defeated the stray demonsBoulder hail (Pyromancy): it spits boulders (FP: 7, intelligence: 8, Faith: 12)Havel's Ring: maximum load + 15 (weight: 1.5)20,000
Soul of Ancient Demon KingSmoldering Lake: Age defeated demon kingGreathammer the Old King: Phys. Attack: 180 Fire damage: 69, scaling Strength: D (Requires 30), scaling Intelligence: D (Requires 10), scaling faith: D (Requires 10), Weight: 18.5Rudiment of chaos bed (Pyromancy) (FP: 35, magic slots: 2, intelligence: 20, Faith: 10)10,000
Soul of consumed kingCastle Lothric: defeated Oceiros, the foods KingMoonlight Greatsword: Phys. Attack: 79, magic damage: 110, scale thickness: E (prerequisite: 16), scaling Dexterity: E (prerequisite: 11), scaling intelligence: D (condition: 26), weight: 10.5Dragon breath white (magic): exudes the air of crystal Seaths (FP: 30 Intelligence: 50)12,000
Soul Master GundyrUnbehütete Tombs defeated champion GundyrGundyrs halberd: Phys. Attack: 145, scaling strength: C (Requires 30), scaling Dexterity: E (Requires 15) Weight: 13Chain of the prisoner (ring): Vitality +5, +5 condition, Vitality +5, but suffered damage rises by + 10% (weight: 0.8)20,000
Soul of a wolf bloodFarron-festivals: defeated guardians of the abyssFarron Greatsword: Phys. Attack: 125, scale thickness: D (condition: 18), scaling Dexterity: C (conditions: 20), weight: 12.5Greatsword Wolf Knight: Phys. Attack: 126, scaling Strength: C (conditions: 24), scaling Dexterity: D (condition: 18), weight: 11.520,000
Soul of the giant YhormGodless capital: Yhorm inspects the giantYhorms Big Shield: Phys. Damage: 132 Defense physically: 100 Magic: 74 Fire: 76 Flash: 63, Dark: 74 Stability: 73, scale thickness: D (Requires 40), Weight: 20.5Yhorms Großmachete: Phys. Attack: 185, scaling Strength: C (conditions: 38), scaling Skill Requirement: 10, weight: 1920,000
Soul from AldrichCathedral of Anor Londor: Aldrich defeated the Gods EaterLife Hunting Sense (miracles): robbed opponents TP (FP: 25, Faith: 22)Darkmoon Longbow: Phys. Attack: 36, magic damage: 44, range: 50, thickness requirement: 7, scaling Dexterity: E (prerequisite: 16), scaling intelligence: C (conditions: 10), weight: 4.515,000
Soul of the twin princesHuge archive: defeated Gemini PrinceLorians Great Sword: Phys. Attack: 151 Fire damage: 79, scale thickness: D (Requires 26), scaling skill: D (Requires 10), scaling intelligence: D, scaling faith: D Weight: 14Holy Sword of Lothric: Phys. Attack: 107, scale thickness: D (condition: 10), scaling Dexterity: D (condition: 18), belief condition: 14, weight: 420,000
Soul of the princeFurnace of the first flame: defeated soul of ashFire Band Great Sword: Phys. Attack: 119, fire damage: 80, scale thickness: D (condition: 20), scaling Dexterity: D (condition: 10), intelligence condition: 10, faith condition: 10, weight: 9Sunlight peer (miracles): casting a sunlight Peer (FP: 60, Faith: 40)20,000

The Soul of the Nameless King you can convert it even in three different items. To get the boss soul, you have to travel to Erzdrachengipfel and defeat the Nameless King.

  • Dragonslayer SpearPhys. Attack: 113, scale thickness: D (condition 20), scaling Dexterity: C (conditions: 20), scaling belief: D, weight: 9.5
  • Storm scimitarPhys. Attack: 110, scale thickness: D (condition: 14), scaling Dexterity: C (conditions: 20), weight: 5
  • Thunderstorm (Wonder): Looks angry lightning strikes (FP: 50, faith: 45, magic slots: 2)

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