macOS Sierra at a glance: Features, Download, compatibility, etc.

macOS Sierra is the operating system 2016 mini for MacBooks, iMac, Mac and Mac Pro, Apple has released the successor to OS X El Capitan on 20 September. We provide an overview of the new features and cater to download and compatibility.

The language assistant, a common clipboard iOS and macOS, auto-unlock - the new operating system for Mac brings a few handful of good improvements. And does not mean OS X 12.10, but macOS 10.12. 


macOS Sierra: Of the cats to the mountains

On one hand, ends with the renaming of an era: Not right from the start in 2001, but over the years, Mac OS X earned a name for a user-friendly and stable operating system. With version 8.10, the "Mac" fell before the name away, and with OS X 10.9 (Mavericks) moved the developer of the big cats to the California nature.

Starting next version of OS X will macOS - logical consequence, you look at the names of the other three operating systems Developer: iOS, TVOS and watchOS. The consistency is still updated, namely by the nickname: With "Sierra" Apple continues to promote the company's home: Sierra Nevada is a mountain range in the western United States.

So the new Mac system is macOS Sierra. The version number 12/10 Apple almost did not communicate, but the system does it appear.

And with the new version does not Apple Mac world upside down, on the contrary: Most remains familiar to us, a big change does not exist. but we get useful additional features.

63838macOS Sierra: Top features in the video

Sly voice assistant Siri in Sierra

Siri comes to the Mac. The range of functions, since escaped the Apple friend but then a "Holla". If all works well, the language assistant is a useful extension. Granted, most commands are known from the iPhone. But Siri knows the files on the Mac, so connects with spotlight represents.

  • The main Siri commands for Mac with macOS Sierra

Our experience with Siri on the Mac were rather moderate, with more complex inquiries we rarely came on the first try to the desired destination. So far macOS Sierra was yes, but only in a beta version, when you can not expect a perfect operation.

Examples of the use of Siri:

  • "Show me the pictures in the folder Asia 2015"
  • "Show me the Pages document from yesterday."
  • "How much free space I have on my Mac?"
  • "How do I spell ..."

Find Siri is in the dock, in the menu bar and in the keyboard.


Auto-Unlock in Sierra macOS

The MacBook opened, and the writing desk of macOS be seen. No more logging in. But where the Mac recognizes its users? At the Apple Watch. This feature is therefore owners of the watch reserved. No, automatic unlocking ( "Auto Unlock") does not exist with the iPhone as a key. Apple therefore gives the Apple Watch an additional reason to buy. For security reasons, but quite understand, the iPhone is just but sometimes in the office or around the apartment ...

From the iPhone to the Mac to the iPad - and back

"Continuity" expands Apple with the Universal Clipboard. Text, photos and even videos can be copied between different devices. In the background is iCloud - an Internet connection is necessary, and its Bluetooth must be turned on.

The connection of the different platforms continues in desk or Documents folder. It will no longer be necessary with macOS Sierra to synchronize documents manually via iCloud. The files on the desktop can be automatically synchronized between different Macs and even iOS.

  • iCloud Drive in Sierra macOS: synchronize documents and desk


Tabs, Tabs, Tabs, Tabs, Tabs

We use tabs above all in the browser - so convenient to keep several windows open in succession. With macOS Sierra leads Apple into other applications, including maps, mail, Pages, Numbers, Keynote, TextEdit and third-party apps. "With Tabs you can visit several places in cards without losing track," says Apple. Or you do not lose him by even more so? What in the software collection but lacks (me): iTunes. The iTunes Store tabs would (also) useful.

Apple Pay in macOS, but still not in Germany

The payment service from Apple in this country plays no role. That will continue to be so: in autumn apple pay should come only in Switzerland and France, but not in Germany. Thus, it will in this country can not pay in online shops so with macOS Sierra. 

Other features of macOS Sierra

Other highlights of the new Mac system include:

  • Video window - can be extracted from the site and shifted - as known from iOS multitasking. We can, for example on Vimeo try. Unfortunately, the player from YouTube does not support the function.
  • If the space scarce, admits Optimized Storage and deletes duplicate as downloads or misplaced documents in the iCloud.
  • thanks image recognition can the images Photos app automatically group by people, places, etc. and bring out the reminder function. There is also the image refresh a new Brilliance tool, see: More Brillanze for photos - a miracle tool in macOS Sierra.
  • The news app for chatting is some frills lively and playful: Like-ability, more emoji, Weblink preview etc.


Despite many "smart" functions emphasized Apple to attach great importance to data protection.

Price and release of macOS Sierra 10:12

(Update) The final version of macOS Sierra 10.0, Apple released in 2016. September 20, a few days to be seen whether large errors occur, can not hurt. However, already makes the final test version, although not every new feature works smoothly, a solid impression. No wonder: Since June, there are betas for testing, initially only for developers, then to the public.

As the latest versions of OS X is macOS Sierra for free. Download directly from the Mac App Store. Who does not have broadband Internet connection can visit an Apple Store for the update, or create a bootable USB flash drive to another Mac.

Download link for macOS Sierra

(Update) Apple has released the download of macOS Sierra here in the Mac App Store:

The app was not found in the store.

Hardware compatibility macOS Sierra

macOS Sierra is compatible with Macs:

  • MacBook (fall 2009 or later)
  • iMac (Fall 2009 or later)
  • MacBook Air (2010 or later)
  • MacBook Pro (2010 or later)
  • Mac mini (2010 or later)
  • Mac Pro (2010 or later)

Images: Apple


The predecessor - OS X 10.11 El Capitan - in sound and vision:

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  • macOS Sierra at a glance: Features, Download, compatibility, etc. macOS Sierra: Top features in the video
  • macOS Sierra at a glance: Features, Download, compatibility, etc. macOS Sierra: Download and information to ...
  • macOS Sierra at a glance: Features, Download, compatibility, etc.product imagesmacOS Sierra at a glance: Features, Download, compatibility, etc.macOS Sierra at a glance: Features, Download, compatibility, etc.macOS Sierra at a glance: Features, Download, compatibility, etc.


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