Solution: Windows Error 0 × 80070103

If for Windows 10 updates the error code you 0&# 215; is displayed 80,070,103, we show you what you can do.

Solution: Windows error 0x80070103

0&# 215; 80070103: while Windows updates

  • The error appears when Windows 10 has indeed found new drivers for your hardware, but can not install.
  • This affects, for example, graphics cards from AMD or Nvidia.
  • Windows 10 then tries to update a currently installed driver to an invalid version of the driver - which of course fails.

Resolution for Error 0&# 215; 80070103

irons out the Windows error to Microsoft, you can work around the problem as follows:

  • Installed the latest graphics driver manually.
  • There is help if your graphics card is not recognized in Windows 10th
  • useful Extreme is the Display Driver Uninstaller (DDU) that you turn your video drivers want to reinstall. The tool deletes graphics drivers from AMD and Nvidia without residue.

Alternatively, you may receive the error message also to ignore or their sets that Windows driver for your not update graphics card should:

  • Update driver / driver updates off: 10, 7 Windows

In other Microsoft operating systems, the steps are analogous.

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