WhatsApp broadcast: send messages to multiple recipients without group

The instant messaging service WhatsApp to let fall the SMS into oblivion succeed. In addition to writing regular news WhatsApp offers various additional features such. B. sending your pictures and videos, or create a customized wallpapers. WhatsApp also provides the ability to send messages to multiple recipients, either as a group message or via WhatsApp broadcast message ..

WhatsApp broadcast: send messages to multiple recipients without group

While the message can be seen in a group of all group members, it also sent via broadcast, although a text to multiple people, they get this way but none of the other receivers. About WhatsApp broadcast messages can be sent to multiple people, therefore, without the need to join a group. Comparable is the WhatsApp broadcast message with an BCC Mail (blind carbon copy).

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What's WhatsApp broadcast? Send messages to multiple contacts without group

This can be. For example, be useful if you have a new phone number and want to share them quickly via WhatsApp message, but do not want to write to each contact and want to prevent the same time that all the addressees see the number or WhatsApp names of the other as such. As would be the case in a group message. With the organization of appointments, for. As for the next football Treff suitable broadcast message, after all, the group leader reached so all members with a single message without a separate group would be open for it.

a WhatsApp broadcast send, you open the app.

whatsapp-broadcast sendMeans you may send broadcast messages to multiple recipients via WhatsApp

then calls the menu and select "New Broadcast" from. Now touch the "+" - icon and you can select all contacts from your address book for the broadcast. Logically, at least two contacts must be selected for the WhatsApp broadcast service. Confirmed with "Finish" and "Next."

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How can you send WhatsApp broadcast message (iPhone and Android)?

In the next step you your WhatsApp broadcast give a message like any other message as well. In addition, you can here also attach pictures or videos. The arrow you sent the broadcast message to all selected contacts. now go your message to different recipients.

whatsapp-broadcast statusThe chart indicates whether the broadcast message has reached all recipients

The broadcast joins all the other conversations in the course. By chart you can see how many Addressees already received the message and have read. Here, you should note that only members from an address book, in the contact list you were also added, which can receive broadcast message. Also, you can only send a maximum of 50 members at the same time, this type of group message.

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Original article in September, 2013, revised in August 2015

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