Email Server: IMAP & amp; POP3 settings for, GMX, Gmail & amp; Co.

Who installs a new smart phone or his laptop has relaunched, is also likely to get quickly to the point where he needs to set up e-mail app or client. Whether you it relies on Outlook, Thunderbird, K-9 Mail, or another e-mail application: Often you need the IMAP, POP3 and SMTP settings to receive emails easily and send to. In this guide, we'll give you a list, with the IMAP, POP3 and SMTP e-mail servers of GMX,, Gmail and many other e-mail providers.

POP3 and IMAP are both protocols to manage e-mails. Both offer while their advantages and disadvantages. While you have POP3 quick access to your emails, you can manage IMAP directly your e-mail mailboxes. The exact difference you can also read the following article: POP3 or IMAP? Main differences at a glance.

The Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) Requires her case &# 8211; as the name suggests &# 8211; for e-mail dispatch. So if you not only want to receive on your Android, Apple, Windows or Linux device emails, you must also enter the settings of the SMTP protocol for your e-mail provider. These we have gathered you in the following list.

In the following video we present to you the free e-mail client Thunderbird steps:

95428That's Thunderbird - The Basics

IMAP, POP3 & STMP settings for, GMX, Gmail & Co.

To e-mail from one&1, T-Online, Posteo & to receive Co. and ship you have to following IMAP or POP3 and SMTP addresses and their associated ports in your e-mail application type. Today, you can choose it in almost all email providers freely between IMAP or POP3.

IMAP (port)POP3 (port)SMTP (port)
1& (993) (995) (587 STARTTLS, 465 SSL) (143) (995) (465) (993) (995) (587) (993) (995) (587 STARTTLS, 465 SSL) (993) (995) (587) (993) (995) (587 STARTTLS, 465 SSL)
Hotmail (Outlook) (993) (995) (587)
Kabel Deutschland (993) (995) (465) (993) (995) (587 STARTTLS, 465 SSL) (143 STARTTLS, 993 SSL) (110 STARTTLS, 995 SSL) (587 STARTTLS, 465 SSL) (993) (995) (465) (993) (995) (587 STARTTLS, 465 SSL) (993) (995) (587)
Yahoo (993) (995) (587)

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POP3 / IMAP: retrieve e-mails does not work?

For most free email providers you have set in your e-mail client, only the correct ports. A few vendors hide the e-mail protocols, POP3 or IMAP but behind a paywall. So you first need to create a paid premium account, to use POP3 or IMAP.

Still other providers such as GMX, leave you the mails even over POP3 and IMAP call, but you must first activate it at a particular setting for it on the website of the provider. However, if this is done, you can access your mails from these sellers with Outlook, Thunderbird and Co..

GMX: IMAP / POP3 activate - Reception with e-mail client

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E-mail security settings

artikelbild_email_smartphoneMaybe it can happen in establishing that your email client of choice displays a message that a security certificate may be accepted. Just in case, you should always confirm this query. By such a security certificate can be assured that the login data is transmitted securely.

Those who want even more security for emails with private or important content, can read with Thunderbird or Android can find instructions for end-to-end encryption PGP:

  • Setting PGP encryption for email: Thunderbird &# 8211; so goes&# 8217; s
  • Email encryption: PGP in Android apps available at PRISM & Co.

Nevertheless, if there are problems with the connection, possibly the settings for SSL (encryption) must be checked. In general, the SSL option is optional, but it should always be resorted to not create a security risk for the email account and the password is. If you have the choice between STARTTLS and SSL / TLS, you should also always rely on the latter option: The data from the start are encrypted using TLS, and not only sent in Klart text, as is the case with STARTTLS. If you do not come to STARTTLS around, you should set the options Eueres e-mail clients that the transfer is canceled if encryption can not be negotiated.



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