Hayvan: Meaning of the word of KC Rebell

You have neither heard rap, still be a teenager to have the word Hayvan heard that before. But what the word of the eponymous song by KC Rebell mean exactly? We give you at this point all the information about origin and meaning.

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his Bae, Fly, YOLO or Babo are just a few of the youth words that emerged in recent years. Since the Essen rapper KC Rebell has the Turkish word Hayvan dedicated a track in his 2014 released album Rebellution, this list can be added to Hayvan. In 2014 Hayvan occupied 3rd place in the choice of youth word of the year - behind "Are you running" and "Treat yourself!".

916The official youth word of the year 2014: Are you running - Video Langenscheidt

Hayvan: Damn many meanings

Hayvan is Turkish and means dull translated Animal, cattle. Colloquially can translate "lout" is Hayvan also with the German word. was virulent expression after KC Rebell the word devoted a separate track in collaboration with Summer Cem. But other rappers from the Banger music camp use the term in interviews.

Depending on the context Hayvan can count for a lot - by operating controlled by anti-social. A Hayvan is simply someone who transgresses the limits of social and Accepted Tolerated. but it can also refer to someone who is inconsiderate and reckless. So depending on the context, it may be an insult or a compliment. KC Rebell has it in his Lyrics a pair of circumscribing examples and situations compiled:

"Whisper in your ear that I like your girl
High Five say, and immediately reduce the hand
Kool Savas birthday give a comb "


"Ferris MC say he would be nice
fart at Dead Calm, hair dryer in the bathtub&8217; "

If you want to hear the whole text here the video for the track:

And here is the album about this:

Rebellution of KC Rebell*



Here are all meanings in the overview:

  • literally: animal, cattle
  • someone who transgresses social and ethical limits
  • someone who behaves careless and stupid
  • Lout, rascal, scoundrel
  • muscleman
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And what Hayvanmodus and Hayvan Athletics?

Some translated Hayvan with muscleman. And it is this meaning has taken advantage of a clothing company and released by the term Hayvan Athletics * sportswear.

Summer Bodies are made in winter. @bulkingboy in Hayvan tank top now for unbeatable 15â ?? ¬ www.hayvanathletics.de # # fitfam bodybuilding muscle # # aesthetic # # gym gym wear # # hoodie muscle fitness model # # # probro fitness # probrowear # gymaesthetics # gymmotivation # fitnessaddicted # fitness motivation # # risengrind workout # instafitness # gym # # bestoftheday Fitguy # transformationtuesday # mcm # wcw # fitspo # treadmill # gainz # getstrong # youcandoit

One of HAYVAN ATHLETICS® (@hayvan_athletics) gepostetes photo on January 10, 2017 at 23:31

Sometimes the word is heard Hayvanmodus. If a person, for example, at a party misbehaves or angry rampage, one can say that this is Hayvanmodus.

Cartoon of boy scolded by his dad

Here you have more words are explained:

  • Babo
  • on Fleek
  • lit

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