Soul Eater Stream: See all episodes online!

Soul Eater is an anime adaptation of the manga series of the same name of the artist Atsushi Okubo and was broadcast for the first time on TV Tokyo of 2008. The series about living with supernatural creatures at the Shibusen University has a total of 51 episodes that there is to see all the online stream.

Soul Eater Stream: See all episodes online!

In the Soul Eater world, people live with creatures that have exceptional skills. At first it's all about the student Maka Albarn and her partner Soul Eater at the University of Shibuse.

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The partners of the students have the ability to transform into various weapons, while it is the main task of the students of this university, to eat certain souls to be getting stronger and thus be able to save the world from destruction.

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Soul Eater Stream: Here you can see the series online

A Soul Eater stream all 51 episodes can be found currently in the online stream at MyVideo. On German television Soul Eater is not currently airing, but the series was shown on the television channel Animax of June 2011, which focused on the screening of anime productions. Animax can receive via cable or satellite her.

soul eater stream

Who wants to dive right to Death City, can of course also in the manga series *Soul Eater Stream: See all episodes online! deepen and accompany Maka on the hunt for 99 souls of evil men and a witch soul. Only when these souls has incorporated, they can complete their education.

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Soul Eater spin off: Soul Eater Not!

The offshoot of the series aired in Japan in 2014 and is also based on manga books * that deal with events from the life of the main character Tsugumi, who also attended the Shibusen University, but the Vorklasse NOT. They have yet to find their weapons partners and that is of course quite turbulent.

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The DVD rights for Soul Eater NOT lie with the North American company Funimation and only there you can also stream the Soul Eater NOT Series Watch legally or order you a DVD.

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