Fallout 4 – Automatron in the test: Is it worth the DLC?

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In Fallout 4 the season of downloadable content has come at last: Automatron throw you since this week new quests and tons of robots around the ears - both as an opponent and as a self-made companion. We take the DLC in the video test under the microscope.

At a price of 10 euros for the DLC and now 50 euros for the Season Pass, immediately asks this one, ultra-important question we have to ask again for additional content: it worth it? Let's not talk long around the bush: No, the Automatron DLC for Fallout 4 is not worth it.

Hey, I like Fallout 4 real. And I'm happy actually additional 4-5 hours I can spend in this beautiful universe. Hours that allow me to have my two other levels rise character Gwin. Were it but just not this huge chunk of really annoying negative points that has completely ruined my fun.

So you start to Automatron DLC

So, all a deep breath, it will now just be nice:

My character at level 44 was ├╝berlevelt constant for all tasks. Employed robot with level 15 or 22; and even the rare chunks Level 40-50 were really fast flat. Epic moments there was just simply not. If even a fight against a super cool Sentry Bot with deathclaws capita within 5 seconds pass, then what is going really wrong.

The opponents in Fallout 4 - Automatron are between level 15 to 50. Most robots have Level 22ndThe opponents in Fallout 4 - Automatron are between level 15 to 50. Most robots have Level 22nd

For example, that one gets a Gauss Rifle in Automatron DLC to give more damage to the robot. The weapon is cool, yeah. But if any enemy dies with a shot, I can twiddle my thumbs and the same - even that is challenging.

I will not here be offensive, but Automatron really has too many design flaws that have frustrated me terribly. So much so that I had to the last cry of the soul.

For example, the struggles of the DLC take place predominantly in closed areas. Against robots, one of which exploded half after the death again with a nuclear detonation. If you turn too close - which is the case stop unfortunately, if the fight on a very narrow stairway takes place &# 8211; skin it to you right away with and you are allowed to restart at the last save point or hopefully happy AutoSave.

Fallout4_Automatron_ExplosionThe large robot explode after her death - which can lead to some frustration moments.

Excuse me please, but that's really crappy designed. This also has nothing more to be careful and do strategy, but is just unbelievable frustrating and unnecessary and annoying.

And Automatron makes now no degree made up for it by bringing you great quests, moral choices or a good story. On the contrary, I have morals sorely missed, initial fetch quests are designed unspannend, and the unveiling of the main quest remains flat because it was just barely worked during the DLC for this moment.

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But wait: You can build robots as companions so now. Also loves certainly be a small advantage - but is far too limited. I have - similar to the modding - not chosen the right perks remain me many opportunities blocked. And those who stand me choice were stuffed into a NOR un├╝bersichtlicheres menu than the weapon mods. Speaking of mods: If you have laying around no more junk in your base, is called for at this point grind for stuff - an unsightly because absolutely necessary interruption of the main quest of Automatron.

And then there are the unfortunate Bugs: robot companion Ada remains in the walls stuck, or must be instructed several times to press a switch, because they no longer understand when you moved you too far from the switch. Here and there also lacks times a piece of her voice-over what the subtitles made it clear. Apart from the fact that their dialogues are not written especially good if not properly trace their answers to my questions on my other Call options - a clear break a flowing conversation.

Fallout4_Automatron_AdaRobot companion Ada is cute, but unfortunately something bugged in some places.

Sorry, Fallout. I really love you very much. But this? You can do better and you did with previous additional content such as The Pit, Broken Steel (both Fallout 3), and in particular Old World Blues (Fallout: New Vegas) already shown.

But a final praise I still: Your visual opponents design in Automatron was really really nice to look at. Especially if, like me, has a robotic soft spot.

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