Windows 10: Open with Cortana Program – Here’s

In Windows 10 you can open your voice and programs with the language assistant Cortana. This can be handy when you perhaps just does not sit directly on the PC and you want to start the music program. We show how you open with Cortana programs in Windows 10th

Windows 10: Open with Cortana Program - Here's

Cortana can open 10 also programs in Windows. This works via voice command. so goes&# 8217; s.

Windows 10: Open with Cortana Program - Here&# 8217; s

To open in Windows 10 Cortana a program that makes her the following:

  1. First Cortana must be enabled in Windows 10.
  2. then checks whether the function Cortana with &# 8220; Hey Cortana&# 8221; enabled open because we need them. In addition, you need a microphone.
  3. then says &# 8220; Hey Cortana&# 8221; followed by &# 8220; Open PROGRAM&# 8221 ;. Instead PROGRAM you say the program of your choice, such as Firefox.
  4. Cortana then confirmed that the program is opened.
Windows 10: Cortana opens the program using voice commands.Windows 10: Cortana opens the program using voice commands.

This works well with Internet Explorer or settings as well as the Control Panel. If you want to open the Explorer, but still wondering Cortana if you think Internet Explorer or Explorer. Here you must then &# 8220; one&# 8221; say for Internet Explorer or &# 8220; Two&# 8221; for the Explorer. That's been solved yet quite cumbersome.

By the way: The fact that Cortana can run programs that you can make you well exploited to shut down the PC by voice command or restart.

shut down the PC with Cortana - Here&# 039; s

With Cortana operate the PC and control

This type of PC operation is still far away from the computer intelligence from Star Trek, but a start. Later we may serve our desktop PCs and smart phones for the most part only using voice commands. Especially for complex queries that are too cumbersome for typing and would take too long.

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