expand the player with Winamp plugins

Especially the Winamp plug-ins have made the multimedia player so popular. With their help, you can expand the program varied, provided it with new skills or upgrade with effects.

In many cases Winamp plugins sought that the Playing or storing various audio formats enable. But with plugins I can do a lot more. Especially popular are the Plugins for Winamp visualization. Invert the current music in colored animations and can play them on the screen, while the piece is running.18,500Winload Winamp Full video

What Winamp plugins are there?

In addition to the Visualizations, the first line of the optics serve, there is the Effects plug-ins, allow her change sound can. An important class are the input- and Encoding plugins represents. Input plugins ensure that Winamp with sound formats copes, it innately not really dominated. The encoding plug-ins ensure that the finished files are stored in special formats in CD ripping. So for example, there FLAC and Ogg Vorbis Encoder for Winamp.

winamp-stereo-pluginA Winamp plugin for Sound Control

By categories sorted plugins can be found on the English side Winamp Heritage *. This is also equal to one of the main problems of Winamp is clear: because the program has not been updated even for years, the community has lost interest in the further development - especially since it so looked for a long time, as the project would all set. For this reason, some of the Winamp plug-ins are already very old and do not work perfectly with the latest version of the program. Or in the case of visualizations you will often find that the supported screen resolution is no longer appropriate.

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Recommended Winamp plugins

The question of recommended Winamp plugins must always be answered by asking what you need for or want to do. Some of the plugins perform simple tasks and provide about that a click on "Close" ensures that Winamp is minimized to the Taskbar. Or it provides you Winamp controls in the taskbar, such as the plug-in "Winamp Advanced Controls *".

Most input plugin have stopped in time, unfortunately, at some point 10 years ago and do not offer lengthens all formats. As you descend even better, a modern player like AIMP order or seek other alternatives Winamp. Which often also support the DSP plugins of Winamp.

stereo tool-winamp-pluginStereo Tool: An excellent Winamp plugin

On the other hand, there is then but plugins like "stereo tool"That is used as a professional audio processor even radio stations an effect plugin. You can use your audio files so that the miss "certain something", the music more clearly and make expressive and at the same time filter out disturbances. Also, you can enable streaming your sounds with this plug-in.


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