Battlefield 4: A single map keeps the game alive

Even years after its release, the shooter Battlefield 4 is still very popular and the game servers are well attended. This is especially obvious on a map, the urban jungle of "Siege of Shanghai". However, although said card dominates the server Battlefield, it is not popular with all players.

The first-person shooter Battlefield 4 is now almost four years old - but have where boast other multiplayer titles such as current lawbreakers shortly after release virtually no players more, the shooter pleased remains remarkably popular from the house of Dice. More than 60,000 active players in the title addressed according to the Battlefield Tracker Network at peak times still - of which about last Sunday more than 17,000 on the PC, 19,000 on the PlayStation 4 and almost 12,000 on the Xbox One. Even the PS3 version is apparently still very popular with over 10,000 players. But why is that?

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The site GamesRadar has gone the matter thoroughly. Apparently, in particular a particular map appears in the server selection just on the consoles - and which is called "Siege of Shanghai". In this virtual version of the Chinese industrial city it is in many vehicles in the war, while in particular kindled heated firefights inside the central skyscraper. The card combines apparently many popular aspects of the classic Battlefield gameplay, but show how various comments on Reddit, it is far from being popular with every player.

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"The only reason why this card is played so frequent, because the server tenants dusting helicopter kills and kick me or banish when I occupy even a helicopter," said a player writes about who the foot soldiers gameplay also "annoying and monotonous" finds and other vehicles on the ground can not get anything because the roads of the virtual Shanghai are so closely. Other Reddit users call it the skyscraper focused gameplay boring, while still perceive other players "Siege of Shanghai" as the most fun Map of all time.


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