Medical Detectives: DVD in German & amp; other home theater options

Vox delighted the audience, especially late at night or late in the night with the TV series Medical Detectives. Who can not hang around watching television at that time, has more bad cards and will have to look for other home theater variants such as YouTube or DVD. 

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To bring only times all at the same level and some light: The original name of the series is Forensic Files. Medical Detectives Export title for the crime documentary shown in Germany for the 2,001th Forensic Files was a series of transmitter Court TV and was broadcast in the from 1996 to the 2011th The producer and inventor is Paul Dowling and English are a total of 400 episodes of forensics series. The German version is spoken by Hubertus Bengsch.

Medical Detectives DVD in German? Rather not

Amazingly, there is no DVD of the German version &# 8211; discoverable at least not for normal mortals. As it for the series autopsy now a DVD *Medical Detectives: DVD in German & amp; other home theater options are, we are perhaps just before the release of a Medical Detectives DVD. We could in any case not determine a reason why they are not yet on the market. If you look at the number of views on YouTube, Clipfish & Co. on, you want at least not suggest that such a DVD would flop. Why and whatever we can do at this point does not help anyway, but still keep your eyes on.

Who the DVD is more important than the German language, but lucky. For in these cases, one can resort to the originals that have been published in a collection box under the name of Forensic Files. 39 DVDs with the best 137 episodes in 14 seasons for 259.18 € *Medical Detectives: DVD in German & amp; other home theater options. One has to be a real fan, because it is not at the price yet for a complete edition.

medical detectives dvd via Amazon &# 8211; Complete Edition DVD*

Alternatives to DVD of Medical Detectives: So you see the series in streaming legally online

Only comfort is quite find the net:

  • Amazon offers the original forensic file seasons in the Prime SUBSCRIPTION *Medical Detectives: DVD in German & amp; other home theater options at. Here you can daily in 21 seasons &# 8211; but all only in the original English. Amazon Prime can you 30 days for free *Medical Detectives: DVD in German & amp; other home theater options. Then you would pay scarce € 50 for a year &# 8211; compared to DVD with much less consequences is a splendid deal.
  • Clipfish provides you free some episodes of the series (currently 10 videos) available in German.
  • On YouTube, diverse effects found in German and English &# 8211; times good, sometimes poor quality and in a confused order. However, there are also the wonderful Medical Detectives TV channel where currently 14 full seasons available online &# 8211; in English only. While you get a royalty-lock if you want to see the video, but it is easy to circumvent them. Checked out, the instructions for bypassing the YouTube ban.

If that's too stupid, can reflect on the written word back, and a look at the tome of Paul Dowling, Vince Sherry & Mark Benecke throw. The book is in German, and has 248 pages. It contains very interesting case studies from the Forensic Medicine, written thrilling and makes it easy to understand the reasoning of the investigators.

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