PS4 games streaming on PC and Mac with Remote Play: How it works

Sony expands the functionality of the PlayStation 4 even months after the release still regularly. After the retrofit the 3D Blu-ray support or media player to PS4 owners can look forward to a new Remote Play feature now, which makes it possible to use PS4 games on the PC and the Mac.

Just as it has been practiced for some time in the remote play between PS Vita and PS4, the game contents are reproduced from the console via streaming on a Windows or Mac OS computer with the firmware update 3:50.

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PS4 games on the PC and Mac games: New Feature for firmware 3:50

In addition to the Remote Play function, the PS4 is the firmware update to version 3.50 (codename: Musashi) equipped with additional functions. you can bring PS4 games on the PC via Remote Play. Of course, the games do not run itself on the computer, but the contents of the PS4 be streamed to the PC. The games themselves are still working through the console. The requirement is that both the PlayStation 4 and the PC / Mac on the same network. So you can set up the new Remote Play:

  1. First, you need the correct program for Windows or Mac. Install the tool on the platform.
  2. Now starts the PlayStation 4 and ensures that the firmware update was installed 3:50.
  3. Controls settings and selects there &# 8220; Remote Play Connection Settings&# 8221 ;.
  4. Set in the hook &Enable Remote Play, # 8220&# 8221 ;.
  5. Now you can add a new device.
  6. Once selected, a code on the television displays.
  7. Starts installed under the first application on the PC or Mac and give the code.
  8. The PlayStation 4 now provides the connection to the computer.
  9. Via a USB connection you can the PS4 controllers connect to the PC and enjoy the console feeling on the monitor.

remote play-activate

So that the transmission works smoothly, a corresponding bandwidth is required. In addition, the PC must meet the following requirements:

  • Windows 8.1 or Windows 10
  • Intel Core i5-560M Processor 2.67 GHz or faster
  • 100 MB or more of free space
  • min. 2GB RAM
  • Resolution 1024 x 768 or higher
  • sound card
  • USB port

ps4-remote-play pc


In addition to the PC / Mac feature, the update brings, among others, includes the following changes:

  • "Invisible" indicator: Who wants to play freely or netflixen through the console, can in future be displayed for friends as "offline".
  • Online notifications: Join your friends at the PlayStation Network, you can also obtain information on the screen. The notification can thereby be limited to certain friends.
  • Set up custom games session
  • With Dailymotion a new streaming app comes to the console.
PS4 games streaming on PC and Mac with Remote Play: How it worksSoon PS4 games can be gambled and on the PC.

PS4 games on PC and Mac

The Xbox One already provides the ability to stream games on the PC for some time. Here the connection is, however, available only on Windows 10th

Who himself wants to try the latest firmware versions with the future PS4 features can register online as a beta tester.

Source: PlayStation Blog

Original Article from 1 March 2016 last updated on April 6, 2016

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