GTA Online: Fastest car – so you get the X80 Proto

With the recent update for GTA Online is now also a new fastest car in the game. The Grotti X80 Proto makes even the T20 in the shade in terms of speed and continues moved to the top of the supercar. We provide you the X80 Proto in more detail and show you how you can get it.

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As part of the latest DLC &# 8220; Further Adventures in Finance and Felony&# 8221; also has a new super sports car made its way into the game, the title of the &# 8220; Fastest car in GTA 5&# 8243; may claim. Of the Grotti X80 Proto set new records in terms of speed and is the perfect choice for the race. However, the piece of jewelry is not cheap.

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GTA Online: so you'll get the fastest car

The X80 Proto is a two-door concept car that clearly comes to design the Ferrari F80 is modeled. You can find him solely on the Website Legendary Motorsport for the proud price of 2,700,000 GTA dollars purchase. In the standard version you can between the colors red, pink, yellow, ocher, choose green, blue, black and white.

gta online grotti-x80-proto

The car is the first vehicle, which is based on a concept car.

Properties of Grotti X80 Proto

In terms of performance the X80 proto the new spearhead is among the super sports car. It weighs relatively little and has a very good traction. The powerful motor makes it statistically fastest car in the game. The top speed is around 1 km / h higher than the Adder.


Similarly, the acceleration at a high level. However, the X80 is not about the car and other cars like the T20 and Osiris remain competitive. At the high speed also you have to get used once and adjust the braking and handling in the turns.

As the Grotti X80 Proto strikes itself on the track, you can see in the following video.

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