make faster Windows Vista: So you speed up your PC without tools

Although the end of life of Windows Vista is already visible on the horizon, but it will be for the period until forced change still a popular operating system for its users. Just to get the most of your mill before upgrading to the next version, we'll show you a few tips to make Vista faster. And completely without any additional software!

make faster Windows Vista: So you speed up your PC without tools

Windows Vista is a resource hog, which is generally known. but with the following tips you can but significantly speed up a bit of power and above all gain speed out of your operating system and Vista.

make Windows Vista more quickly with simple means

1. Edit Vista System Configuration

In the depths of the system are speed brakes, may redound to the computer to some extra shoves forward their configuration or removal. This is unfortunately not enough to distribute some hooks easily via the Control Panel. We have to penetrate into the depths of the registration database (registry).

  1. Give in the search of the start menu command "Regedit" on. This will open the registry, the Windows stores information about programs and important assignments.
  2. The command "Msconfig" now calls it the system configuration and can follow around plants in the boot options.
Caution: Changes to the registry can drag critical consequences for the entire operating system by itself. So nothing changes on your own.

2. Activate processor cores

Just because you use Windows Vista that does not mean that you can call your own no multi-core processor computer. hidden there is usually some unused computing power that can make Vista faster if you activate the additional processor cores. In later versions, the automatic. If you want to make Windows 7 faster, you must use your other means.

  1. Opens on entering "Msconfig" In the search box in the Start menu, the system configuration.
  2. Climb to the tab begin and clicks Expanded options.
  3. Set in the hook processor number and selects the number of your cores.
  4. After restarting the system, the changes are active. Confirms the aufpoppenden Program Assistant and ready.

windows-vista-faster-making processor-number-designate

3. Remove ghost devices

A special feature of Windows Vista that all connected peripheral devices such as USB drives, printers, external hard drives or digital cameras get installed its own driver as soon as they find the first time the path on your computer. Even if the devices were removed, Vista still scans for the devices. In order to make Vista faster, we must stop this process.

  1. Open the Control Panel from the Start menu and place yourselves on system > maintenance the menu system.
  2. Chooses Advanced system settings and created with New a environment variable in the corresponding tab.
  3. As the name of the system variable its determined devmgr_show_nonpresent_devices and it carries out 1 at "Value" on. Then confirm with OK.
  4. Make your way over now system > maintenance > system in the Device Manager (On the left side).
  5. The installed but not connected units represented by Vista as grayed-out icons. Clicking on the + selects her in each category said ghosted devices and removes them with the command uninstall (Right-click).
Caution: Removing devices from the categories system devices, audio, video and game controllers leads to compatibility problems. Let better off fingers.


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