GIMP: Create frame – so it puts a frame around photos

Photos are often only good effect when they are provided with a frame. GIMP this endeavor is a cinch: A few simple adjustments to provide your image with a decorative border. If you want to create with GIMP frame, you are several methods available that we want to explain to you briefly.

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Create GIMP Photo Frame: use filters

Perhaps the simplest way with her in a GIMP Create frame can, is the use of a filter.

  1. Starts as usual to the program and open your desired image
  2. Selects the next step the menu items &# 8220; filter > decoration&# 8221; out
  3. GIMP filters you call finally with the command &# 8220; Add Border&# 8221; out
  4. This opens a window where you can change the properties of the edge of any
    1. Specifies have what size and color of this should
    2. Is such a framework too boring you, you can select it in the next step, using the wand and then fill with a special pattern.

Add GIMP edge

Create GIMP Photo Frame: Create frame itself

Another method by which it in GIMP a Create frame can, is to fill a selected range.

  1. Selected toolbar optionally &# 8220; Rectangle Selection&# 8221; (R) or &# 8220; Elliptic selection&# 8221; (e) out
  2. Now marks the area to be framed later
  3. In the next step you have the choice has yet to be reversed
    1. Clicks on in the corresponding menu item &Inverting; # 8220&# 8221;
    2. Following you can the thus produced frame with a matching color fill out and lend a personal touch to the image

Create GIMP Photo Frame: Working with layers

If you want to place the framework as a photo texture over the image, you have the file open initially as a layer.

  1. Transparency can you create in the next step, by her under &# 8220; levels > transparency&# 8221; &# 8220; Add Alpha Channel&# 8221; selects
  2. Draws a rectangular selection in the center of the frame and cut them out
  3. the photo comes to light visible at the recently exposed site.


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