Laptop or Tablet: Which is better? Tips and buying guides

Laptop or tablet? Who wants to buy a mobile device on the go today, you are spoiled for choice: Both tablets and laptops each have their own advantages and are suitable for different situations and requirements. In the following article we'll show you which ones are accurate and present the advantages and disadvantages of laptops and tablets.

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Laptop or tablet &# 8211; What can the laptop?

Laptops or notebooks have a slightly outdated image and are not as trendy as tablets. But they offer a decisive advantage: Since laptops have a keyboard, the work goes with a laptop much easier on the hand than with tablet. Who writes longer texts on a computer or edited spreadsheets, so will not get around a laptop. In addition to the built-in keyboard laptops still offer some other advantages. The most important are:

  • memory: Laptops come standard with 250 gigabytes of disk space. That's about four times as much as the average tablet that has to make do with 64 gigabytes. In addition, there are now laptops with built-in SSD hard drive, a much faster and also less sensitive in collisions.
  • Built-in CD / DVD drive: CDs and DVDs are indeed less and less used in computers, extinct however, they are still far. CDs / DVDs are still used quite frequently as for company presentations, storing important data or if you want you watch a movie. With the laptop is not a problem.
  • Standard Software: On the computer you usually certain programs used, for example Microsoft Office. Just the same programs can you also use on laptop &# 8211; Finally, the laptop is just a smaller version of your desktop computer. Instead tablets running a mobile operating system, which may not be compatible with these programs.
  • standardized connections: For computers, there are certain connections that are supported by virtually all devices. These include USB ports, HDMI and Ethernet ports and SD card slots. With a laptop you can assume that these connections are available &# 8211; unlike many tablets, where USB ports or slots for SD cards are missing.
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Laptop or tablet &# 8211; What can the tablet?

Looking for a real portable system of intensive Tablet Buyer's Guide you should not be afraid. Tablets are larger than smartphones, lighter than laptops and are controlled instead of keyboard via a touch-sensitive touch screen. Thus, the operation of the tablet is much more intuitive, because you can control everything with your finger or a special pen, the stylus. but the ease of use is just a sales pitch. Tablets are next to the following benefits:

  • mass: Tablets are much lighter than a laptop usually and really can be taken anywhere. For the laptop transport mostly it needs its own laptop bag, the tablet, however, a simple sleeve can see. They are also much more comfortable.
  • Express Check-off: A laptop you have to &# 8211; just like a desktop computer only up and down go back after work. The tablet, however, is immediately ready for use with just one push of a button &# 8211; and turning off works just as fast. If you want to look up something on the Internet only fast, that goes with the tablet much more complicated than with laptop.
  • Multimedia FeaturesMany people use the computer to order mainly to work, but for her own pleasure, for example, Surf the Internet, check email, listen to music and video games. For these functions, a tablet just fine.
  • Battery life: Since tablets have fewer features than laptops, they also consume much less power. Result: The tablet usually runs much longer without external power supply. While the laptop after 3 &# 8211; 4 hours of operation is usually concluded are for Tablets 10 hours operating time are not uncommon (of course depending on what you are doing with the tablet &# 8211; Movies and games draining your battery logically stronger).
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Laptop or tablet &# 8211; What is more suitable for you?

The above shows that both types of devices &# 8211; Laptop and tablet &# 8211; each have their own merits. That's why you can not make sweeping statements that one is better than the other. Whether you decide on laptop or tablet should make her dependent on what constitutes it the unit most.

Laptops are particularly suitable for people who:

  • much longer and work on the go
  • want full compatibility with the rest of the computer world
  • use the laptop to store data

Tablets are ideal for people who:

  • only occasionally work from mobile
  • looking for a device to surf the Internet
  • using your mobile device primarily in leisure

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