Who is Supreme Leader Snoke? Facts and theories

"Supreme Leader" Snoke is the new leader of the dark side and the mastermind of evil. But what do we really know about the villains? What is his connection to Kylo Ren and how much power he has over the young man? Although Kylo Ren in "Star Wars 7 "played the central role, it is still the"Supreme Leader Snoke "that holds all the strings in his hand. Therefore, let's take a closer look at its past and present you Fantheorien and facts about the seemingly great leader. Notice that could, of course, stuck to Snokes origin and spoiler behind every speculation.

No doubt Kylo Ren was the main antagonist in "Star Wars 7" and the story of the eternal struggle between good and evil turns surely in "Star Wars: Episode VIII &# 8211; The last Jedi "to the so dazzling as ambivalent character. But the young man is not on your own, but is the command receiver of the powerful "Supreme Leader" Snoke, who created from the remnants of the Empire, the first order and would like to regain control of the galaxy. But who is the ominous demon in the background? We have embarked on the trail.

Who is Supreme Leader Snoke?

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actor Andy Serkis slips into "Star Wars 7" in the role of the Supreme Leader Snoke. His scenes were shot entirely in the studio, as you can see in the title screen. True, mask-like face was then developed by CGI artists and into mounted in the finished film by computer animation, again as understand in the following figure.

What is the origin of Snoke?

The Star Wars savvy YouTuber Mike Zeroh, meanwhile, has a theory, which could mean Snokes name. In the spring of 2017 there were reshoots for the upcoming Star Wars film in Croatia. Here Zeroh indicates that in Dubrovnik, especially scenes from Snokes home planet rotated. Luke and Leia are to talk about the "Supreme Leader" and him here as a "Sith NO One Knew ecall xisted "(" a Sith, nobody knew of its existence ") &# 8211; passes to the statement as an acronym from, there is the name "Snoke".

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The story of Supreme Leader Snoke: We know about the new Star Wars villain

But what's the story behind the grim shape?

  • Supreme Leader Snoke is the leader of the first order. This, in turn, is the remains of the shattered empire after the Battle of Endor. Accordingly, he is a user of the dark side of power.
  • Under him is the army of the First Order, consisting of abducted children and voluntary fighters, but no cloned stormtroopers. One of these drilled soldiers is the volatile Finn.
  • Snoke has Ben, the son of Princess Leia and Han Solo, drawn to the dark side of power and trained him. He is responsible for a major that was from Ben Kylo Ren. Everything you need to know about Kylo Ren, learn it here.
  • From the Starkiller station from the Supreme Leader his orders via hologram depicting him in an excessive size granted. His first command receiver and accordingly the first underlings General Hux and Kylo Ren.
  • The primary objective of Snoke is to gain control of the galaxy again and end the peace.
  • What species belongs Snoke is not clearly clarified. However, its huge size is probably due a hologram only its projection. There are theories that the Supreme Leader in reality the two yards should be large.

It was always rumored that the mighty Darth Plagueis could be behind Snoke. Plagueis was the master of Darth Sidious and as with the Sith was, as usual, killed by his pupil. However, fans suspect that Snoke had survived and had now returned in the form of Snoke after Sidious was destroyed as Imperator by his pupil Darth Vader. However, this speculation ended presumably Pablo Hidalgo, head of the "Story Group" at Lucasfilm. He noted in a tweet that Darth Sidious had finally been killed.

Despite the tweets from Hidalgo fans will continue to evidence which might lead back Snokes beings on Darth Plagueis. The mentioned above Mike Zeroh refers to images of shooting, where Snoke actor Andy Serkis is seen with a stick. In previous Darth Plagueis drawings the villain held a similar staff in his hand. In his video, he presents the image of Serkis and Plagueis over and points to the similarity &# 8211; a clue to the question of who is Snoke?

With the release of "Rogue One" the end of 2016 there were new theories about the origin of Snoke. In the novel, the Star War s offshoot talk of the "Whills" an ancient order of Chronicles is created over the galaxy. The knowledge about the power collected the Order. The Jedi must thereby have looked up to the "Whills". Already in the book to Episode IV was talk of the Order, in "Rogue One" were first mentioned in a movie by name. Snoke could therefore be a part of this mystic order. Andy Serkis confirmed that although Snoke was not part of the original Star Wars movies, but the figure was watching the action in the background there. So behind Snoke the last surviving member of the "Whills"?

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Fantheorien and rumors of Supreme Leader Snoke: Is he a Sith?

In "Star Wars 7" although he has not yet played a really important role, but it would be very surprising if the Supreme Leader Snoke would get off to a clandestine departure in the following movies. While the battle between Rey and Finn on the bright and Kylo Ren on the dark side of the Force will probably be in the future the focus, the question of victory or defeat but also linked to the fate of the Supreme Leader. Accordingly, the wildest rumors and fan already rampant theories in the shallows of the Internet, of which we want you now explain some short.

  • Supreme Leader Snoke is a Sith and Kylo Ren his student. The training is ongoing in "Star Wars 7", by the father's murder at Ben Han Solo Kylo Ren, however, matured to complete the final step in its own way to the Sith. However, this theory contradicted Director J.J. Abrams publicly, in this sense, they should be treated with caution.
  • The Supreme Leader is a power-hungry creature that is experienced in dealing with the dark side of the Force, however, is not a Sith. Therefore, there is no connection to a different character from the "Star Wars" universe and Snoke is not a reincarnation of Jar Jar Binks, as some claim jokers in the net.
  • After the title of the new Star Wars film was made known sprouted theories from the floor, see the Snoke in the role of the last Jedi.

The first six &# 8220; Star Wars&8221 - Movies can ye the way legally as streams on iTunes, Google Play Video, max cathedrals and Amazon Instant Watch the video. The first are the aforementioned Fantheorien the tip of the iceberg and the Supreme Leader Snoke in reality no one is less than Marvel's Thanos, you can be in our own, not quite beer sincere theories beyond &# 8220; Star Wars&# 8221; read.

snoke-wars© Disney

We are excited to see what might apply these theories and longing already for &# 8220; Star Wars 8&# 8220 ;. In the new Star Wars movie Snoke should be seen not only as a hologram, but in its true form. For this purpose, a separate mechanical doll is created, which is to present the sinister character.

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