order the Otto catalog: I want to paper!

In the minds of many people the company is still considering Otto Versand and their goods in the Otto catalog. In fact, it exists yet, the kilo heavy, printed catalog where you can find everything.

order the Otto catalog: I want to paper!

And not only that, Otto offers the classic Otto catalog, which currently comprises nearly 1,100 pages, more than 30 different catalogs that deal with the other divisions of the Group. So it is not so obvious to most DIY-customers that hagebau collaborates with the Otto Group and, accordingly, strictly speaking, the catalogs of this construction market also Otto catalogs are.

How can I get the Otto catalog?

Nowadays, most of the orders come in the mail from online sites. Accordingly, the heyday of printed catalogs is over. The forests will thank us, but sometimes you can just use that. The catalogs are no longer sent each year to all customers. That would be absurd. But still you can at the Otto &# 8220; Otto catalog&# 8221; to order.

otto catalogThe Otto catalog and many other catalogs, you can still order today

This is either via the phone number 01806-303030 (landline 20 cents / call, mobile max. 60 cents / call) or by e-mail at [email protected] of the &# 8220; normal&# 8221; Catalog has the article number 9,998,031th But surely it is also understood if one simply asks that you get the petrol catalog sent. The catalogs are there and what can one order anything, can be found at Otto in the &Catalog world; # 8220&# 8221 ;.

What Otto catalogs are there?

Otto maintains a number of different divisions, and for many it is also printed catalogs. For example, the catalog Otto office has nearly 600 pages. There are catalogs for the DIY division and even a catalog for beach fashion. In one of the Otto catalogs you see only garden houses and carports, while of others only shows kitchens.

Who does not find the right thing at Otto Online, is sure to find it in one of the agendas. One deals only with the remodel, another with greenhouses. Overall, the offer is simply grown too large to be completely covered in a petrol catalog. Each of the catalogs in the selection has an item number, but about the product search function, they are not to be found. So you have to contact support, if you really want to have in print one or more of the catalogs of Otto. As before, it costs nothing by the way. We get the free catalog delivered to your home with the Hermes-Versand.

One should perhaps consider whether we will not but rather makes his order online, however. For all the discounts and petrol vouchers can not redeem on an order form.


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