Hours in 2015 for Excel Download

With the hours in 2015 for Excel download you get a spreadsheet for detecting the hours worked, overtime or minus hours, vacation and sick days and night shifts and holidays.

The recording of working hours is done in many companies over the time clock. But where it is missing, paper and pens are not a practical or reliable substitute. Apart from the fact that one always runs the risk miscalculate or entered incorrectly, the also clearly a superfluous work. Because thanks to free solutions like the free Hours in 2015 for Excel Download you can automate the entire process of timekeeping wonderful.

The hours in 2015 for Excel Download is easy to operate

With a little skill you can make such a time recording itself, of course. But why should we reinvent the wheel again when there is already a free, well-functioning alternative? The great advantage of the hours in 2015 for Excel downloads are the one who really easy to use, on the other hand, the great automatic features. The program, for example, takes into account the usual holidays, but at the same time provides the opportunity to remove locally not occurring holidays.

The whole &# 8220; Program&# 8221; consists of a single Excel file. The Excel program you needed necessarily as a user. In addition, this file is protected by a sheet protection against changes, including front extensions. The password can be obtained for a fee. But for most users, this will not be necessary. Because all the settings are problems even as possible. And several employees to manage in this way should make a copy of the original file with its own name for each employee.

Hour 2015 for Excel

Only hours in 2015 for Excel you have to adjust, then you can get started right away

The file structure is simple and easy to understand. A settings page is created as a separate sheet in the hours 2015 download. Here you put as the year and the employee's name firmly. But also what holidays are taken into account how many hours will usually considered as working time and how long the breaks are. This means that the settings can adapt itself, for example by deleting or adding holidays or birthdays, this sheet is not protected.

Each month are then placed in each case on its own leaves and has one example the year once properly adjusted, the data and weekdays are entered correctly and color also highlighted. Then you can each enter the start and end times of the work, the pause length one has already been set previously in hours in 2015 for Excel. Actual and target times are compared and so you always know if you are in for hours as standard in positive or negative.

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