Steam: Games return and get back money – how it works

Back in the spring Valve has first introduced the option to return games on Steam. After the new feature, however, was undermined in March through Steam itself, a proper refund for purchases is possible now.

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Here it is important to note some conditions. Find out here how you can give back at her Steam games and gets refunded your money.

Steam: Games back - so there is money back

For the return of games is as follows:

  1. Opens the appropriate form on the Steam website.
  2. Log in with your Steam account.
  3. Click "apply for refund" there on.
  4. One reason must not be specified.


The money will get it within one week on the same way back, was paid for through which the contents. If this is not possible, the value will be credited as a steam credit.

Of course, Valve has introduced some rules for the Steam return of games. So you have, in accordance with the right of withdrawal 14 days to return the bad buy. To avoid it by playing games for free and then just give back again, a game may also no longer have been played over two hours. In order that the two-hour rule is deliberately misused to allude regular games free to avoid addition, to Valve reserves the right to refuse a refund.

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During this period, you have the opportunity, after all, determine whether your PC hardware meets the game requirements, and whether the game justified the purchase. In addition to games and DLC content and enhancements can be returned. Again, that you have played the extension no longer than two hours and are allowed have armor, bonus XP, weapons and other DLC elements redeemed.

A return is suitable for. As well as to when a game was offered shortly after purchase in a bundle or greatly reduced, as during the Steam Summer Sales.

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Steam: Games return and get money back - what goes, what does not?

For pre-orders the two-week period for the games return from the release date begins. Also Steam credit can be returned if it was purchased directly from Valve's platform. Excluded from the refund are:

  • Movies
  • Steam games that were not purchased through Steam (z. B. Key Stores)
  • Steam balance of gift cards from third-party
  • Games where you were blocked by Steam Vac
  • Gifts, if they have been redeemed by the recipient

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