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When Activision is currently despite the successful launch of Call of Duty: WW2 not all sweetness and light.

In Call of Duty: WW2 some Humvees are seen.

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Such as, but Reuters reports that Activision sees namely confronted with a lawsuit by the manufacturer of the famous Humvee military vehicles. Accordingly, the parent company AM General accused to have unjustifiably enriched by the brand name of the publisher, because in several games of the shooter series Call of Duty could see some Humvees.

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For this reason, AM General requires not only a cease and desist letter, but also a heavy fine and damages. The sale of toys, books and other memorabilia related to Humvee to be stopped with immediate effect. Before the action, there were already talks between the two parties to resolve the matter out of court. However, there came this amicable settlement.

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A statement by Activision on this issue is far from even. A spokesman said only that the publisher does not want to comment on a still pending. Whether it will actually come to a conviction, but has yet to show.