DHL packing station: How long outsourced my package?

If you have signed up for a packing station, you can have it sent there convenient packages. The show can then be independent of opening times of a post office or other delivery station pick up and also to the neighbors you do not have to walk. But what about the shelf life of the packing station?

Not always possible to immediately go to Paketstation about because you went on vacation or has become ill. How long outsourced the DHL packages at the packing plant?

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DHL station: How long outsourced my package?

The information about the fact that a package is ready for pickup, obtained either by SMS or email. If you are not registered for the packing station service and is still delivered a consignment there is a removal order in the mailbox will again.

  • The storage time for parcels in the packing station is clearly regulated in the FAQ of service.
  • Thereafter, a delivery nine calendar days kept.
  • So you have about a week, pick up your package from the station.
  • The beginning of the storage period is the date of notification via SMS or email. This is immediately after consign the shipment sent into the compartment of the packing station.
  • Two days after the first shipment is obtained in the same way a reminder of the pickup.
  • again you get a notification of storing two days before the end of the nine calendar days.
  • If the item is not picked up within the storage period, the package is returned to sender. For a resending postal charges in this case again.
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Storage time in the DHL station

If you let things delivered to the packing station, one should keep this storage period in mind. A redirection to another dispatch is no longer possible once the shipment has been added to the packing station. Just before delivery you can subsequently change the dispatch under certain circumstances. An extension of the storage period is not possible, according to the FAQ. On the web, however, some testimonials, in which packets superimposed over the nine calendar days out into the packing station found. Here, the contact via the DHL Hotline recommends.

Sometimes it can happen that a program is not placed against the delivery desire in a packing station, for example, because all the bays are full or the packing station was damaged. In these cases, the package is delivered to the nearest branch. There, the storage time is 7 business days.


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