Dragon Ball FighterZ: finally revealed release date

Bandai Namco has now not only announced the worldwide release date for Dragon Ball FighterZ but also announced an open beta and a Season Pass.

This is our first impression of the upcoming Whipper:

3697Dragon Ball FighterZ - First impressions from E3 2017

How Bandai Namco finally unveiled, Dragon Ball FighterZ is on January 26, 2018 released worldwide for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. Thus the promising Whipper comes Europe and North America earlier out than in Japan, where players have to be patient until 1 February 2018th

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About to release you'll still get to participate in an open beta and play the title for a few hours the chance. The plot is divided into three acts, reveal the details and secrets of the entire story:

  • Super Warriors Arc from the perspective of the Saiyans
  • Super Villain Arc from the perspective of opponents
  • Android Arc from the perspective of androids

Here you can find all the playable characters:

Start Photogallery(19 images)Dragon Ball FighterZ: Characters and fighters list

in the Story Mode there will be the LINK system that allows players to embody different characters to share their thoughts and even to discuss with them while they live in the same body. Also an online mode is Dragon Ball FighterZ donated. in the Circle Match Mode Up to eight players join the lobby to fight each other. Up to four fights can take place simultaneously. Of the World Match mode makes it possible to choose between a sparring and a League game.

Dragon Ball FighterZ appear on January 26 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.


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