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For the Amazon Echo speakers, there are many skills, so small apps that let you upgrade the assistant Alexa and can add new capabilities. In our detailed guide we'll show you what that brings exactly how you use the echo skills and what additional skills the smart assistant Amazon ever mastered.

Amazon Echo in Hands-On: The sound of the German voice of Alexa

99281Amazon Echo in Hands-On: The sound of the German voice

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On the Amazon Echo speakers you work with voice commands to control Alexa, but the assistant initially mastered a few skills. Alexa can play music, give information on the weather and ordered from Amazon &# 8211; that was&# 8217; s on the whole. For everything that goes beyond &# 8211; and that is a whole lot &# 8211; needed her the so-called skills.

Table of Contents

  • The bring the skills for Amazon Echo
  • So you use the new features
  • The best skills for Amazon Echo
  • Download Skills from the store
  • activate skills in Alexa App
Start Photogallery(8 pictures)The most useful voice commands to Alexa

Amazon Echo: extend the capabilities of Alexa With Skills

With the skills you extends the basic functions of the echo-speaker: In this way, you can then various smart home appliances use, let you view the schedule, order a taxi and much more &# 8211; all by voice. Daily new skills happen &# 8211; To use it, you invite them to you in the Alexa app for your smartphone or skill Store Amazon *Amazon Alexa: Skills / apps for Echo - Instructions and Overview down. In principle, one can imagine the skills such as small Apps imagine that add a specific function, for example, Show the local schedule.

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So you use the Echo Skills

How to use the skills? There are now doing different options:

  • First, the skills can be used without prior activation. Will you use a skill that you have not been using it simply says: "Alexa, run Skill XY". The skill is directly executed and displayed in the Alexa app. Even more practical: So you activate the skill at the same time.
  • Secondly, you can admire the skills in the Alexa app or the special skill-website of Amazon *Amazon Alexa: Skills / apps for Echo - Instructions and Overview (Find a way Webshop) and activate it. Since the skills leave now but also activate by simply benefit, this detour is actually no longer required. For completeness, we show you the process further still once more.

Remains a problem: To activate the super powers of Alexa, you must first know about what the smart assistant actually everything is capable of and what skills there. In the following sections you will find some tips and suggestions to &# 8211; but look also from time to time in the skill-Store now because almost daily &# 8211; sometimes more, sometimes less useful &# 8211; Features are added. Shortly a notification mode for some skill to even be added.

Amazon Echo poll image

Amazon Echo: Best Skills for Alexa at a glance

Amazon Alexa mastered many different tasks and are increasing every day. With the new products *Amazon Alexa: Skills / apps for Echo - Instructions and Overview can you inform you which skills have been recently added, also interesting are the top rated Skills *Amazon Alexa: Skills / apps for Echo - Instructions and Overview, there has now been relatively accumulated many garbage. For a better overview Amazon has divided the skills in the following categories:

  • Education and Reference
  • Utilities
  • eat & Drink
  • Movie & watch TV
  • health & fitness
  • Lifestyle
  • local
  • music & Audio
  • news
  • new hits & humor
  • productivity
  • travel & transport
  • Shopping
  • Smart Home
  • Social networks
  • Games, quizzes & equipment
  • Sports
  • Connected car
  • Weather Business & finances

Since the threshold for creating Alexa skills is quite low, can be found as mentioned many relatively useless features and apps in the store. The skill self-destruction is e.g. not really necessary, since Alexa this voice command already out-of-the-box controls. But there are also many useful skills that actually provide real added value in everyday use. So you can manage, retrieve or timetable information even your car with Alexa associate and lock doors by voice integrated lamps or radiators, for example, the Wi-Fi network.

Here is a small selection:

HueControl of known smart home lamps Philips Hue
innogy Smart HomeControl of Innogy smart home thermostat
BMW Connectedcontrol Smart car from BMW with Alexa
German-English translatortranslate German words into English
Sportschauget sports news of the day
Berlin public transportGetting the latest schedule information
Yellow Pages CinemaThe yellow pages ask what's going on in the cinema
Aboutcall a taxi with Uber
German railwaysearch for a relationship of Deutsche Bahn
chefAsk for the recipe of the day

In general, with the skills still much room for improvement, but certain areas are already well covered. When it comes to news now offer many well-known, national media a corresponding Alexa skill to (for example, Business Week, Focus, Spiegel, football, world, Spiegel Online, FIG). Even with the transport authorities some cities are already covered by current information about traffic and schedules &# 8211; In the future the offer will of course continue to grow, depending on how well (and fast) will prevail Alexa.

Download Amazon Echo Skills in Store

If you you the skills for smart assistant Alexa on the Skill Store *Amazon Alexa: Skills / apps for Echo - Instructions and Overview 'downloads, you can look at you before the skills there to see what they actually do. For the store you first get in touch with your Amazon account, then you choose a skill and activates it. If the Echo speakers connected to your Wi-Fi network, the skill is synchronized and then for &# 8220; your&# 8221; Alexa unlocked.

Amazon Echo skill StoreSkills for Alexa can you download you now also in the Amazon Skill Store.

In the Skill Store the skills are sorted into different categories &# 8211; on the left side you will find a menu of all 20 categories (see detail below) and see at a glance how many skills there are in each area. Also, you can search by customer reviews and seek out in this way the skills Top rated. The structure of the skill Stores follows the usual layout of Amazon and is reminiscent of social networks like the Apple App Store or Google Play.

On the subject:

  • Amazon echo &# 8211; Voice commands for Alexa at a glance
  • Amazon echo &# 8211; Supported Services and partners at a glance

So you activate the skills to echo through the app

Do you use the Alexa app for Android smartphones or iPhone, the establishment of Skills is similarly simple. As mentioned above, you have these steps no longer follow forcibly, as you now simply activated the skills by their uses them unique. The option still be found but in the app's settings:

Photo 01.17.17, 18 58 08

For skills

  1. Sets Alexa as described here: Amazon Echo Guide &# 8211; Setting Alexa &# 8211; so is&# 8217; s.
  2. Ensures that the echo speaker is connected to the app for your smartphone and open the app.
  3. On the home page you open the menu by tapping her on the icon with the three horizontal bars on the top left.
  4. then selects the menu item of Skills &# 8211; so that you come into the store.

Photo 01.17.17, 19 08 47

install skills

  1. Taps categories and navigate through the menus until you find the desired skill.
  2. Taps on the skill.
  3. will tap Enable.

Photo 01.17.17, 19 11 15

You will see a waiting bar, then the skill is activated. ImportantTo use this skill, you have to open it first. Have you, for example, the skill Berlin public transport installed and now want information about departure times, you first need to give this voice command: &# 8220; Alexa, open transport Berliner&# 8221 ;. Makes her not, Alexa does not understand the request and will inform you that they have not yet mastered this function (although you have installed her skill).

Photo 01.17.17, 19 08 43you know some other exciting, useful or just fun skills that you should definitely try? Use the comment section and tell us about your discoveries in the Skill Store Amazon!


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