Warcraft The Beginning – Movie review: Von wegen fantasy Fail of the year!

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Fail of the year, the first really good game adaptation, commercial flop and false advertised surprise hit - in the bargain bin of cinema experts was sold off just about any prognosis to "Warcraft" for a few clicks in recent months. And now what's true? It's simple: It's complicated. 

"Warcraft" will be remembered as strange special case in the history of film. A movie that wants to make his long scattered in all directions fanbase ten years too late with some happy, that today no longer interested sow. While Schalke 04 be full of confidence presents "League of Legends" e-sports team and "Game of Thrones" redefined the fantasy genre, Duncan Jones dances geekiger Fanfilm lost on the ruins of a vanished culture phenomenon. The downfall seems predetermined. And now it is really complicated, "Warcraft" is not a bad film!

We first create the obvious problems out of the way. Too much computer animation? Definitely! Anyone who has seen the trailer, pretty much know what they are or awaits him in this regard. "Warcraft" has probably right more zeros and ones under the hood as many moviegoers these days. But in a time when films such as the "Jungle Book" provide impressive evidence that the technology currently playing has a big jump behind, CGI reservations are above all: prejudice. In the cinema "Warcraft" namely acts again very different than in the trailer.

f2fa22633d7cf0e2c5e6d6f5a4f71239Would they trust these eyes? The CGI effects in &Warcraft; # 8220&# 8221; are not a problem.

Ducan Jones knows about the dangers of computer animation. His very first shot to the lead actor and completely created on the computer orc Durotan (Toby Kebbell) therefore ends not by chance in the tears. The empathetic close-up of the orcish eyes breathed the figure, enough life to make their artificiality forget. Jones counters the problems of technology successfully with great emotions.

Warcraft Movie review: recognized problem, problem solved

But not only the emotional narrative is "Warcraft" enough credibility, even the action sequences bypass the usual pitfalls of computerized animation. Everything has momentum and direction. The physical momentum is sent out by the scenery, the prospects are well chosen and the human actors never act as they would with tennis balls shadow boxing. In short, the visual kinetics goes on.

This gives "Warcraft" an exciting force when the swords are drawn. Although the film RECOURSE in terms of choreography always behind Peter Jacksons gems, such as the escape from the Goblin City in the first Hobbit film, back, but all in all does the Orcs vs. Human action well here.

With-the-humans-help-there-isMany designs are aimed proud of the digital template. And therefore also look painful untimely.

What, however, did not rise, are some design concepts of the film. While the Orc culture, surprisingly, conjures up an eye-catcher for the next to the screen, the alliance looks all too often made for a LARP in Darmstadt. What is tragic, for armor, weapons and architecture were very meticulously copied from the digital template. "Warcraft" ashamed in any way for its cultural heritage.

Unfortunately, the high-fantasy folklore of the late 90's will so no longer fit into our time, which can fail the film in this regard tragic. Tragically, this is especially true because the conceptual concern is very sympathetic behind the design decisions and brought many fans some nice Redetecting moments. But only the fans. Who "Game of Thrones" considers the measure of fantasy things, which is more than once hands up in "Warcraft" over your head.

Warcraft Movie review: Thrilling Origin story of a world

And that's it already with the bleating. The rest is really good. Sometimes even great. Duncan Jones told with "Warcraft" the emotional staged Origin story of an entire world.

Fel, Gul&8217; dan, Anduin - who these strange sounding words actually mean something that will also have fun in "Warcraft". Guaranteed. deeply rooted in the history of digital Azeroth, this classically served fantasy film grows during his two hours up to be something that is not only round and entertaining, but also in its form is as a gaming filming a new record. Just because "Warcraft" is so rich in Warcraft Lore and still works as a genre film, comparable films such as "Prince of Persia" and "Resident Evil" are exceeded.

Image 1Gul`dan is fun. Evil has in &Warcraft; # 8220&# 8221; responsible for some really great moments.

Without the playful education "Warcraft" Although loses many of its special attractions, but thanks to its tight pace and interesting figures, it is also without the knowledge of the best deal. In particular, the successful visualization of magic that convincing villains and the astonishingly high number of dramatic deaths ensure the "Warcraft" is never really boring. Although it is brought here and there through the detailed and sometimes trite palaver of the actors something out of the clock, but the voltage curve flattens never really in serious climes.

HaloLothar2Travis Fimmel (Anduin Lothar) obviously had fun at work. A good choice!


"Warcraft" is an almost feel sorry. Too late for the game hype and a little too early to play the nostalgia card. And that's not all: In a world in which it "Game of Thrones" are six "Lord of the Rings" films and six seasons, "Warcraft" seems dangerously irrelevant. Duncan Jones has set itself with this matter of the heart unerringly between the chairs. Who wants to hold against him, is this massive find ammunition. With its yesterday's look, his nerdy attitude and an abundance of computer effects, the film in the crossfire of different camps threatens to be wiped out.

That would be a shame. A lot. "Warcraft" is in fact become a very good fan film and a fairly successful adventure film. Gripping and emotionally told, "Warcraft" drumming his lost fans together again to walk together with them on the warpath to Azeroth. Interesting characters, good villains and a finale that gets under your skin. Give "Warcraft" a chance. He deserves it.


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