Perform backup of all important data: Samsung Galaxy S5

On your Samsung Galaxy S5 sorts of data accumulate in the course of use. In addition to photos, music and videos also addresses and phone numbers there are added, which are missing quickly from data loss or theft of mobile phones. To prevent this, you should regularly perform with your Galaxy S5 backups.

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Before an Android update, for the loss of your smartphone when you reset to factory settings and on other occasions it is best to have the most important data stored on the phone, ready as a backup file somewhere to be able to restore them if necessary.

Of course you can all media data that you have stored on your S5 her, just copy via USB cable to your PC and keep there as a backup. but for other files, such as your contacts, instrument settings and calendar entries you should consider other means of backup.

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Samsung Galaxy S5: Backup via Samsung Kies

Samsung's own backup software gravel comes free on your Galaxy S5 and can help you in securing the most important data on your PC. Gravel ensures photos, videos, music, contacts, phone logs, and more and should also be used regularly to keep the backup date.

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So the backup via the gravel works

  1. Connects the Galaxy S5 with the PC (via USB cable or wirelessly, when both devices are on the same wireless)
  2. starts gravel
  3. now waits until Kies recognizes the S5 and then selects the data to obtain a backup
  4. In this course you can also your contacts with Microsoft Outlook sync
  5. Have you determined any data to back up, starts the process and the backup file is saved with the device name and date on your PC

Other options for backup on Samsung Galaxy S5

Another option, especially useful if you are traveling and want to make a backup of the Storage in the cloud. Here you can easily &# 8220; on the Run&# 8221; store documents, videos or photos and later retrieve even other devices and sync. Unless it attracts no extra-cloud service for it, you will find the option in the settings under data backup options.

both the Samsung account and the Google Account offer the possibility of data and settings such as bookmarks, calendars, SMS or phone logs to back up. This can set up their accounts via the settings by going to Backup and reset and there the check in Back up my data puts.


Extra Apps for backup can be found in addition to Jens:

  • Android Apps Backup: Even without root app data secure (instructions)


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