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ADB sideload is a very useful feature which has Android 4.1 Jelly Bean AOSP integral part of the recovery and to easily transfer and install a ROM allows. How it works exactly and what to watch, learn it here.

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One or the other Android users will probably ever heard about the terminology &# 8220; ADB&# 8221; or &# 8220; ADB sideload&# 8221; , Who have stumbled, and wondered what this is probably is. All essential information about ADB sideload We have therefore summarized at this point once for you.

ADB sideload: What is it?

ADB sideload is quite new and very useful feature of Android that kept running Android 4.1 Jelly Bean AOSP in recovery mode feeder. &# 8220; ADB&# 8221; stands for Android Debug Bridge, a developer tool, which is used above all by app developers.

With the ADB sideload you can, for example, zip files with a single command using a USB cable transferred to the smartphone and then install. Especially when installing a custom ROM or the latest firmware version of Android that saves a lot of time, because the boot loader does not have to be unlocked in the ADB sideload method.

Starting with version 2.3, the TWRP recovery, which should be known especially among custom ROM users, the ADB sideload mode supported.

By versions of the command below in the ADB, the packet is transferred to the memory of the connected Android device and then automatically installed with &# 8220; / 8221; is the path to the to be installed Rome.

adb sideload /pfad/zur/
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How do I use the ADB sideload?

The ADB sideload mode be used (only with Custom Recovery) not only to install a custom ROM, but for example also for the installation of Android updates, which is in the form of an OTA zip file. Here you use the ADB sideload using a manual Android updates for a Nexus device.

Important note: By installing a custom ROM or updates via ADB sideload can damage your device and your need may accept a loss of warranty.

  1. First of all, you have to download the OTA update as a zip file. Also, the Android SDK should not be ignored and must be installed on your computer.
  2. Then it makes sense to umzubennnen the file to a memorable name, such as
  3. Starts your smartphone and tablet now new and opens the fastboot menu by her the key combination &Volume down; # 8220&# 8221; button and the power button simultaneously presses (device dependent).
  4. Now you should enter the FastBook menu of your device. Navigate here with the volume buttons to the point &# 8220; Recovery mode&# 8221; and confirmed it with the power button.
  5. now opens the Recovery menu and navigate through the volume buttons to scroll to &# 8220; apply update from ADB&# 8221; and confirmed again with the power button.
  6. now connects your smartphone or tablet via a USB cable to the computer (USB debugging is enabled) and give the terminal &# 8220; adb sideload 8221 ;.
  7. Finished! Now the update is installed, which may take a few minutes. Separates your device is not from the computer before the process is complete.



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