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Those who communicate via the Internet, to hang around through chats, forums or social networks, will repeatedly encounter shortcuts and internet Lang. Straight English abbreviations spill over again into the digital communication channels but partly also in everyday usage over. one can derive this then maybe not immediately. In this guide we explain what &# 8220; TBH&# 8221; has a meaning.

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432069What does AMK?

means to be honest &# 8220; TBH&# 8221; anything other than precisely this: To be honest. The acronym stands for in English &# 8220;tO be Honest&# 8221; and to express that one has meant the previous set openly and honestly.

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TBH: meaning and explanation

  • The abbreviation &# 8220; TBH&# 8221; is a typical Internet hot as &# 8220; lol&# 8221 ;, &# 8220; omw&# 8221; or &# 8220; FTW&;, which have evolved from lack of time or simply for convenience #. 8221
  • Actually, the abbreviation is used to indicate that you mean what is written also as &# 8211; But Attention: Some use &# 8220; TBH&# 8221; also satirical.
  • one should not exaggerate also with the use of this abbreviation. Otherwise chat partner could be quickly feel that you are not honest, if you do not even &# 8220; TBH&# 8221; writes behind a set.
    What's & quot; & quot ;? tbh Meaning and translation of the abbreviation

TBH: Other variations of the abbreviation

Sometimes it's not enough just to write that it is sincere. Sometimes you even give this some force. For this reason, there are other variations of the shortcut that will make it clear that what is said to be really mean it and understood. If you stumble across one of the following abbreviations of the chat partner just want to stress again on his honesty:

tbbhto be brutally honestTo be brutally honest
TBCHto be honest completely CallTo be completely honest
TBPHto be perfectly honestTo be perfectly honest
tbqhto be quite honestTo be completely honest
tbqfhto be quite honest f *** ingTo be damned honest
tbthto be totally honestTo be fully honest

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