Send free online Fake SMS for mobile and WhatsApp – Here’s how

You want to send fake SMS, for example, because you play a trick on your friends or want paws on WhatsApp someone? In the network, with which you can send those fake SMS online, numerous websites to find. Here however, you should take good care and prefer to resort to alternative methods.

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SMS messages, of course, offer themselves to downright for phone pranks and similar jokes. perform the best friend WhatsApp on thin ice, to find out what the guy from the neighboring class really thinks about a - the possibilities are almost endless. That's why there are also numerous websites on the net that offer exactly this service. If you look closely, however, notes that the fun usually ends quickly.

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Send Fake SMS for free online: Beware of fakes and traps

Many websites on the Internet promise you that you can buy fake SMS you. Here, you buy the fake SMS usually package came about 10 Fake SMS for 6 euros. is paid in advance, for example with PayPal or credit card. For that you get then a code that you can redeem on the relevant web page or a special app for iPhone or Android against a fake SMS.

That is the theory.

Unfortunately, in practice, everything looks a little different. Many of these fake SMS apps do not work as promised - do not can you in these cases, however, a lot. Have you bought the codes once the money used for this purpose is of course gone. Since you have already paid, the interest of the fake SMS provider to help you also keeps naturally limited. With a little luck you have before paying for a service that you just do not get. Therefore: Let rather stay away from such vendors and instead uses the safe method that we show you in the next section.

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So sent her fake SMS via WhatsApp and mobile phone

If you want to send fake SMS, you should first create you a fake phone number. With this number, you can then also send fake SMS or WhatsApp messages. Read our guide to where we show how you can enter her a fake phone number and use.

Nevertheless, you should of course pay attention, what you doing with the fake SMS messages.

You are responsible for the content and the message is read by real people with real feelings should note. If you you are not sure how a fake SMS comes in or when you think that there could be problems, you should refrain from sending the fake SMS in doubt. So you will save you and your friends and a lot of trouble!

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