The Nintendo 3DS Emulator: gamble on Mac and PC now!

Looking for emulators for the Nintendo 3DS, there are many sources that lead to erroneous ends &# 8211; do not work in the end and a lot of times have eaten or promotional Survey measures. Reliable sources it does not seem to give first-hand &# 8211; So what to do if you want to play the 3DS games on PC?

The Nintendo 3DS Emulator: gamble on Mac and PC now!

The supposed Nintendo 3DS Emulator: the viruses spin

The Nintendo 3DS Emulator: gamble on Mac and PC now!

The truth is: There is currently no Nintendo 3DS emulator. And the sites that claim to be able to emulate a working Nintendo 3DS, probably want to spread viruses. The theme around the 3DS emulation is hot and much sought, but no, currently this is not possible. But why not? We go to the question on the ground.

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No Nintendo 3DS Emulator: technical limitations

The Nintendo 3DS Emulator: gamble on Mac and PC now!

To emulate a different system, the BIOS is required. The Basic Input & Output System of a foreign system translates the machine code into commands for the processor and all other chips &# 8211; as well as the Nintendo 3DS. Although this BIOS has already been read from the memory chip, but the BIOS is encrypted. Thanks to the good encryption it is not possible modders to read the contents of the BIOS &# 8211; this can only be the processor itself, which has a similar security structure, such as the Motorola Milestone.

The processor does not take anything from other sources and understands the encryption properly &# 8211; to the annoyance of modders. So far, there is not one person even managed to crack this encryption and this is so good! Of course, emulators are great when the own device is broken or, as in the example of the SNES when possible graphics and the connections are outdated. But since the Nintendo 3DS is still very current on the handheld market, this encryption protects that not countless pirated be played on the PC.

3DS emulator? None &# 8211; concludes

The Nintendo 3DS Emulator: gamble on Mac and PC now!

There is no Nintendo 3DS emulator, but only programmers take advantage of the stupidity of greedy people. So can be easily spread viruses, which then might cause harm to the operating system or install a keylogger, or or or&# 8230; With such a theme, caution is still the better part of valor. Not all free software to make a contribution to world peace.

There is also the soon-to 2DS, instead of folding function and 3D are&# 8217; s a more manageable and above all, cheaper version. After all, who wants to play 3DS games, which it is but also please do on the hardware, at least as long as it is the latest generation.

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