read ePub eBooks on the Kindle: How to

Amazon has with its Kindle, the reference in e-reader in their own ranks. Because Amazon wants to reorient the device primarily on the company's own e-book market, the reader can except the in-house .azw format and standards .txt, .jpg or .pdf no digital books of other file formats read. In particular, the widespread ePub books can not be opened with the Kindle. Nevertheless, it is an easy way to convert ePub files to Kindle format.

So if you have already created an eBook collection and now want to switch to a Kindle model must not buy the digital books a second time. So that you can read ePub books on the Kindle, you need the free program Caliber. Caliber converted ePub books for the Kindle device and offers various functions to manage their own digital bookshelf.

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A similar app for reading ePub eBooks on the Kindle does not exist. It must first be made of the need for a PC.

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So you can convert ePub books in the Kindle format

  • Note that only DRM-free eBooks can be downloaded in this way on the Kindle reader.
  • Moves her digital books in the ePub format in a folder on your Kindle device, they are not detected when you restart the device and can not be read accordingly.
  • must therefore a small detour forth to ePub files in Kindle format to read.

So you get the eBooks in the ePub format on the Kindle reader:

Will convert your ePub files to Kindle format, invites you the Caliber tool for free and install it. Adds now the appropriate book to add Kindle library. For this you can either push the ePub file into the Caliber window or top left of the "Add books" button choose. If not already done, connects to the Kindle to the PC. The reader should be recognized independently. now chooses the book, and the book collection, which is to be transferred from the ePub format on the Kindle.

  1. Kindle connect with PC
  2. Download and install Caliber
  3. Add ePub file in Caliber
  4. convert ePub book in Kindle format
  5. New Ebook on Kindle transmitted via &# 8220; Tell readers&# 8221;

Already when loading Caliber you have the ability to choose whether an eBook to be converted after adding to the library to a desired format. The setting can be reached via &Behavior; # 8220&# 8221; -&# 8221; The preferred output format&# 8221 ;. can also subsequently be already added to the library books converted into the Kindle format. Marks the corresponding books and then selects the option &convert books; # 8220&# 8221 ;.


epub-in-kindle formatWith Caliber you wandlet each e-book in the right Kindle format

Move with Caliber eBooks in ePub to Kindle

Now you re-examined the menu bar and click on the button "to send Reader". Depending on the device you choose from even if the e-book to be downloaded to the main memory or a memory card. Caliber converts the ePub book into the Kindle format. The next time the device should be a pleasure to read nothing in the way. The ePub book, incidentally, converted to the Kindle format .mobi. Converts it ePub books in the order, you have suffered no loss of quality in the output file. The process works with any currently available Kindle, whether an older 3G model, a Kindle Fire tablet, Kindle Paperwhite or one of the new Kindle Voyage models.

read ePub eBooks on the Kindle: How to

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