What’s “OVP” etc with mobile phones, games, CDs?

Anyone traveling on the net for bargains, often finds the phrase "OVP" next to the product description. But what does this "OVP" on eBay, Amazon Warehouse and Co.?

The abbreviation "OVP" stands for "original packaging".

Who buys used goods are still of course has a right to a certain quality. In many articles, for. As games, CDs and more you put course, emphasis on original packaging. Even those who At length a used console would often want to provide the corresponding package on the shelf.

"OVP": With: eBay and Co.

However, you can see this addition, one should not blindly strike the article. Although the article is in such cases with the "original packaging"Sent, but this says nothing about the actual nature of the article yet, and certainly not called a new or reconditioned unit.

shutterstock_302299052even with &# 8220; OVP&# 8221; Offer Details threatening in some cases, the cat in the bag.

So it may well be that in addition to the actual item also includes the packaging from trading in the offer. Whether the device was, however, removed from the packaging and used, should be more precisely stated in the item description. In addition, you should make sure that in addition to the ordered goods and the package also includes accessories such as power supplies, are included in the offer circumference.

Who wants to be sure and want to buy an unused, new appliance in original packaging, should look in the auction description after the words "NEW + OVP". In this case, for may. For example, be not torn in a new phone a seal.

What's "OVP" etc with mobile phones, games, CDs?

Anyone who sees a supposed bargain on eBay with the suffix "OVP" the offer, however, should look carefully. Many eBay sellers make to use the shortcut to pull the money out of his pocket inattentive buyers. So there was in the past always cases were where expensive equipment like a PlayStation 4 console or iPad sold as "OVP". The buyer, however, has not about getting here the appliance in original packaging, but only the actual, not quite as valuable cardboard *.

ebay-ps4-ovpa PS4&# 8221; OVP&# 8221; at Ebay &# 8211; Here very transparent and fair described (Screenshot: eBay)

Do you want to own items on eBay and Co. sell, you can specify "OVP" used to address a wider buyer price and increase the resale value. Of course you should also play with their hands and perform missing items in the item description with. Will only sell a carton of her actually to z. B. to delight a collector, you should also state this openly in the item description and not hem and haw to give rise to misunderstandings and afterwards dissatisfied customers.

With us you learn also what "refurbished" means.

Image Sources: eBay *, Denys Prykhodov / Shutterstock.com, Destiny Wedding Studio


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