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One of the problems with using javaw.exe is that mostly just the application does not appear in the task manager, which actually uses this runtime file. So it looks like the Task Manager or the utilization display like this, as if that file to blame for a disproportionate load on the system. but in fact it provides its main programs, only the working basis. What is required of it is due to the application itself. So if you, for example, determines that javaw.exe apparently 100% of the resources eats, which is generally more akin to a programming error in an application that accesses javaw.exe. In this case, you have to try to figure out which program actually behind it. One way is to look at the list of currently loaded programs on the taskbar and then javaw.exe in Task Manager to end. As a rule, then the one program of the problem causer, which is also closed at the same time.

java optionsjava.exe is to control as opposed to javaw.exe well with parameters

Problems of a different kind arise when we load a program that depends on Java, the necessary runtime libraries but can not find. Then it comes to, for example, messages such as:

&# 8220; javaw.exe&# 8221; could not be found. Make sure that you have typed the name correctly and repeat the process. click on &# 8220; START&# 8221; and then &Search; # 8220&# 8221 ;, to search for a file.

In this case, we know, however, what it is. If we are sure that Java is installed correctly, we can look for it and save the path to use. Otherwise we should load the necessary data at Java.com and install. After that should start our application. There you can also submit can test whether one uses the latest version of Java. This is recommended in any case because it always comes back to vulnerabilities by this development environment.


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