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South Park is a popular animated series from the United States, which has been produced since the 1997th The comedy, which now runs the world is a pioneer in Black Humor, Satire, quirky surrealism and toilet humor. 

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South Park

Since 1997, the animated series that first wanted to have no running in the US. However, although the politically incorrect male flunked mercilessly in the market research, the first six episodes were produced and developed overnight into a cultural phenomenon that continues today. running since 1999 &# 8220; South Park&# 8221; and in Germany, now at the German offshoot of his home station Comedy Central


The animated series &# 8220; South Park&# 8221; tells stories from the lives of the four main protagonists Stan Marsh, Kyle Broflovski, Eric Cartman and Kenny McCormick. The boys attend the SOuth Park Elementary School in the fictional, idyllic town of South Park, Colorado. Stan is the most popular among them because he is sympathetic, intelligent, and most reasonable. He often has to mediate among the others. Eric's hard overweight, extremely rude and very full of himself. The Jewish Kyle can be easily provoked and is often short-tempered. Kenny's family lives on welfare, which often makes him an outsider. It takes almost never his hood, speak thus very unclear. a fate is to come in almost every episode of the first five seasons bizarrely killed.

legal streaming

&# 8220; South Park&# 8221; one of the few series, all offering their own already sent episodes for free and legal streaming. At the official website of &# 8220; South Park&# 8221; and Comedy Central can be conveniently stream all seasons and I have to worry about.

Episode Guide

A Complete and articulate Episode Guide of &# 8220; South Park&# 8221; be found at the colleagues from


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