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If the hard disk damage? How large is the capacity of the Chinese USB sticks really? With H2testw we find out.

In this method, the small freeware utility H2testw used a very simple technique: it uses the free space of the disk and writes large files on it. Then it attempts to read these files back and compares whether the written data coincides with the read. If not, then it has obviously been a problem when writing and the disk is defective.

H2testw testing hard drives, USB drives and memory cards

Since data is written and read in this test, the tool for a comprehensive review is really only for freshly formatted or at least completely empty hard drives. The surface test the hard drive may indeed take place only in the empty area. Finally, no existing data to be overwritten.

h2testwH2testw takes time but can not find media problems reliably

So when we see a message like &# 8220; data error (CRC check)&# 8221; get it is to use the tool by time. The occurs namely whenever either the hard disk or other media has a real defect, or if it is a kind of sham. So a time are long USB sticks appeared en masse from Asia, vorgaukelten with a technical trick that they would have a capacity of 8 or 16 GB. In fact, then was in the stick but only a small memory card with 1 or 2 GB. Of course, it came to data errors as soon as you tried to write more than the amount of data possible to the stick.

The program has a very simple structure. More is for the purpose not even necessary. First, you look for the destination. So the drive to be tested. Then you have to decide whether the entire free area of ​​the disk to be tested, or only a certain amount on MB. Last but not least you can still specify whether it is a Endurance test to act. In the event the data is written over and over again, read, erased and rewritten. After clicking on the start button it starts and with some luck awaits us at the end of the message that everything is in order.

But then we have a problem if there are still errors. For now are no longer to explain πŸ™‚


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