How does Facebook, anyway? Tips and Tricks

Facebook emphasizes a simple operation. Everyone should immediately deal with it. That does not mean that there are not a few tricks here, which could improve its Facebook fun. So Facebook works better!

How does Facebook, anyway? Tips and Tricks

If you want to know &# 8220; How does Facebook?&# 8221 ;, then you have to especially once make clear which basic settings the site has and what is behind intention. The general idea of ​​Facebook to connect everything with everything and to network. Every step we take there any comment, any change of location and each image will ensure that anyone again responded, creating new content. The question is whether we ever want to that extent. Consequently, it must be said actually: One should not complain about spying and snooping and simultaneously be a member of Facebook.

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How does Facebook? Well, open like a barn door!

As soon as one logs on to Facebook, a thorough search of the core data will start. How old are you? Where did you go to school or university? Where do you live? Where do you work? Who do you know? Will not you give access to your email account so that we can search for friends to us? Willingly carry millions of people here data whose collection would make it elsewhere deeply suspicious.

facebook mottoHow it works Facebook: share everything with all

The Facebook motto on the home is actually clear: &# 8221; Facebook allows you to interact with the people in your life connect and share with them.&# 8221; But the reality after the registration is unfortunately different. Because once you share everything with the whole public. Each uploaded image, each utterance is displayed all over the world. Everyone can see them and do not even have it be logged in to Facebook. That's quite something else than &# 8221; People in your life&# 8221 ;, not? But that's just how Facebook works. One could also only once every block access for others and then the account open step by step.

facebook default settingsOne of the most risky Facebook features: everyone can see it all the same

Even during the registration process has Facebook indicate that the user should make its privacy settings. But many skip this step, partly out of ignorance, partly because they still have found no friends. It pushes the up later and then you forget it. For this reason, Facebook is just also so popular with stalkers, bosses and companies where you have applied for. These groups see there a picture of a person, it addresses mostly little. At this point, every Facebook member should think about who is allowed to view the content of a profile.

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