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The Sims - Deluxe includes the most successful PC game of all time "The Sims," ​​the extension "The Sims - Livin '" and many more features. "The Sims" is an everyday simulation game in which players create at will residents of Sim City and can determine the course of their lives. Whether its Sim triumphant businessman, crazy scientist or fortunately Haussmann, the player determines alone. Also the home of his Sims can be designed according to your own taste.

The player can Sims that are to populate his city, create in the integrated "Sims Creator" itself. In order to accommodate Sim in his house, he Various pieces of furniture, wallpaper patterns and many other features and objects available. Now the real game begins: The Sims have many needs that must be satisfied. So they have to shower or bathe to satisfy their desire for hygiene. If it then goes really well Sim, he can level up the corporate ladder and buy his higher content a more comfortable bath, a game console or a more beautiful carpet.

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"The Sims - Deluxe" is the perfect introduction to the game because it offers through its many features a wide range of play opportunities. So there are compared to the basic game 5 new careers for Sims, 150 new items and new specials like the Grim Reaper, who brings the Sims when their time has come. Graphically, this game with his successors &# 8220; Sims 2&# 8243; and &# 8220; Sims 3&# 8243; of course not keep up. But with more and more new functions successors have also become confusing. at &# 8220; The Sims &# 8211; Deluxe&# 8221; you can concentrate fully on their Sims on the other hand again.

This Sims package makes everyday life in a captivating and colorful challenge that is fun for the whole family. The player can control the lives of his self-created Sims will. Due to the many possibilities variety is guaranteed and no Sim is like another.

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