Destiny – Rise of Iron: increase light levels and reach 385

The new maximum light level in Destiny: Rise of the Iron Lords is 385. These are accompanied by old new ways you can achieve this light level quickly. In this guide, we show you the best methods for quick light-leveling.

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Destiny: Rise of Iron is the second major extension to the MMO shooter and brings among other things, the new Raid &# 8220; Zorn the machine&# 8221; in the game. To the new maximum light level of 385 to achieve can decrypt their exotic engrams, completing story missions, or you fight through strikes. More leveling tips there is in our guide.

Destiny &# 8211; Rise of Iron: Launch Trailer

5502Destiny - The awakening of the Iron Lords - Trailer

Updated on 20 September 2016

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Destiny &# 8211; Rise of Iron: So you reach a fast-Level 385

  • Absoviert her Story missions and quests, get their new equipment extension with light level 340. Uses these items for infusing your equipped gear to increase your light levels.
  • Rattles traders from and look at her new product range at. Your items that you can buy for Legendary brands, have a light level of 350th
  • Also equips the Group dealers a visit. Group packages can now include items with a light level of up to 385!
  • Goes to Kryptarchen and decrypts not yet redeemed engrams. Once you receive items with higher light levels, equips and uses them for infusing.
  • Rare and Legendary engrams give you to decrypt objects with the same or higher light level. Rare Engrams to light Level 340, legendary Engrams to light Level 365 and exotic Engrams to light Level 385.
  • Once you've increased your Light Level, place yourselves for new PvE Arena Archon&# 8217; s Forge. Here you have to fight off waves of enemies and also get as a reward equipment with a higher light level. The difficulty and thus the value of the rewards increased it by keys that have to bring to the arena it. Green Key provide enemies with low levels and corresponding rewards. Blue or even purple keys make for difficult challenges and better equipment.
  • By normal Strikes gets her now rewards with a light level of up to 340th heroic Strikes give rewards with light level 365 and unique rewards from Strikes to 385th
  • By completion of Challenges of the elderly in Variks now gets its weapons and armor with a light level value of up to 365th
  • Rewards from daily heroic missions can now objects from year one, two and three contain and increase the light level up to the 350th
  • The recommended light level for Strike playlists now increased to 350 or 360 to Nightfall Strikes.


Original article from September 15, 2016

Destiny &# 8211; King of the possessed: Increase light level &# 8211; so goes fastest

In add-on there no fixed light values ​​more, which are linked to equipment, but for any better piece of equipment that you wear, also grows your light levels. So you have to basically do not pay as much attention to light values, but just hold out for better equipment, the rest will come easy. Nevertheless, should you the following things to consider when increasing the light levels.

Destiny - King of the possessed: Exotic weapons and armor - new booty at a glance

Compare your equipment precisely

quality of Arms and Armor no longer depends so heavily on their rarity on as before. Green and blue equipment in Destiny: King of the possessed can be better than your high-end equipment from the past DLCs may. Especially powerful perks of the new Aurüstung worth a change, even if it does not increase your light levels.

Does your light under a bushel for better equipment

Was in Destiny, the difference between Level 29 and Level 30 is still enormous, that the add-on is negligible about 130-131. For this reason, you should not come hell evaluate only after the higher light level of each piece of equipment. If it is only by a few points, the exchange may not be worth it if the other values ​​for this are not correct. Because Perks and weapons values are you in your old weapon maybe more.

The equipment is greater diversity in King of the possessed than ever.The equipment is greater diversity in King of the possessed than ever.

Better equipment through tougher challenges

The best equipment for your light level to increase gets her course through Complete challenges and raids. That's why you should always execute your quest log to unlock new missions and earn appropriate equipment. Plays Strike playlists and story missions for the chance of better loot to pass the harder difficulty levels of missions later. In this way, your increase light level successively.

Uses artifacts spirits cases and class items

In Destiny: King of the possessed have ghosts cases, class items and brand new artifacts affect your light levels. They give you additionally increased defense values ​​and grant you more perks and bonuses. Especially artifacts are very powerful and will only unlocked at level 40. More about them can be found in the Special Destiny - King of the possessed Artifacts in the overview - all about the new equipment.

Artifacts give you bonuses to defense and other values.Artifacts give you bonuses to defense and other values.

In summary, you can increase quickly following points are your Light Level:

  • Imagine difficult missions and strikes as soon as you can.
  • Compare your prey exactly together. Better weapons values ​​are more important than a slightly higher light level.
  • Missed your equipment regularly upgrades.

Destiny - King of the possessed: All Editions Overview

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