Tattoo tax from 2018 in Germany? Fake News escalated on Facebook

Taxes are important and essential for the preservation of a society. Whether one or the other control is justified in shape and height, you can argue about. Currently a message for attention in which the Bundestag is said to have adopted a "tattoo-control" ensures.

Tattooed should be therefore also asked to review the information to the checkout. How and in what form that should after the corresponding message are currently under review by the individual federal states. Not only the community of free tattoo would probably rubbing their hands. The message was shared tens of thousands in the social networks within a few hours. A scandal?

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Message to the tattoo control is obviously a fake

No of course not. Rather, it is the message is the tattoo tax was a reaffirmation, easy unaudited fake news can find its way like wildfire through the Internet and how fast.

tattoo-taxThe excitement in the social networks is large (Screenshot: Facebook)
  • The source of the message to the tattoo control is the page
  • On the side of all Internet users can post a simple way their own "News" and contributions.
  • The operators themselves say they provide a platform for fun content.
  • In the "About Us" portion of the site that "is mentioned,Website is for entertainment". All "News" fictitious, none of the messages "should be taken seriously." The operators also give yourself that 24aktuelles not as "reputable source of information" to be used.

Nevertheless, already thousands of users over the alleged introduction of a tattoo control rain on the social networks. The disclaimer finally can not be inferred from the preview image on Facebook or Twitter and also to describe the bottom of the page scroll very few tattooed and non-tattooed users.

In the English-speaking world, the fake news about the tattoo control is already penetrated in Germany:

Tattoo-control, cats tax, horror clowns: Eyes on reading

The message states that should have therefore voted "Today" on Thursday, July 26, 393 of the total 630 parliament members for the introduction of tattoo tax. The majority of politicians should have expressed their delight at the additional revenue.

However you look at the official dates of the session week on the website of the German Parliament, one learns that iJuly m no meetings and therefore held no votes. Just like during the alleged Cats tax, the non-existent threat of killer clowns and the fake news for the legalization of cannabis in Germany so a short, incorrect message has caused a few hours for many excited minds in the social networks. We give you tips on what can be seen fake news on the network quickly and easily.

Of course, this tax does not comeOf course, this tax does not come

Also from 2018 Tattooed So do not count on donations for their artwork on the skin. Before one gets upset at Facebook and Co, hasty about alleged scandal messages, you should always check other sources and not share mostly unexamined messages thoughtlessly with others.


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